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    dumbbell excercise

    Just a quick question about logging in the weight used when doing dumbbell exercises. If you are doing shoulder shrugs, for example, would you put in the individual weight in each hand or the combined weight of the two?



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    Rule of thumb, when lifting always count the weight lifted and count that motion as one rep. Both dumbbells lifted, total of the two and one rep. The key is consistency over time so that you can measure progress. Cheers

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    thanks for the quick response

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    Hi, based on my daily training experience I Agree with PapaRob! It#s the best solution over time.
    Best Wishes ... Torsten

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    I've always entered the value of a single dumbbell, not the combined weight of both.

    I do this mostly for my own convenience, though now that I think of it the application may be making an assumption for their calculations.

    A quick Google search turns up there FAQ

    As you record your workout, you will use various methods and recording options to record your weight/reps.

    When it comes to recording your sets, weight/reps for dumbbells you will want to record the weight for ONE of the dumbbells, NOT the weight of both dumbbells added together.
    By recording the weight of a singular dumbbell, you will be able to track your progress efficiently with the weight you are performing

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