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    First Bulk Feedback


    So im currently on a bulk looking to add up as much muscle as possible. I have tried following a clean diet as much as possible and tracking my calories but i didn't notice any significant muscle gains so i then decided to start eating more calories and more varied food, including things such as more carbs (both simple & complex) and treat myself to cheat meals more often.

    I did in fact notice that my body frame got bigger and can lift heavier, but obviously i also noticed that my abs are showing less and my stomach area has also increased in bodyfat %.

    Since i previously was 83kg, went down to 59 kg and currently weighing in at 68 KG im getting a bit paranoid that maybe im not in the correct path and bulking incorrectly (this is my first real bulk) and your help would be greatly appreciated. Attached find some progress piks and additional information taken from the xiaomi mi scale.

    As to nutrition i mostly stick to chicken, bread, lean beef, cappuccinos 😂, soups, and protein shakes. I do have a take out maybe once a week or enjoy a cocktail or two in the weekend with my GF, i try to be as flexible as possible.

    i set calories to around 2.6k and prioritize protein but im not tracking just guessing.

    My questions are:
    1. As per attachments, do you think im on the right track? if not what can i adjust?
    2. Since it's my first bulk, should i continue on bulking or maybe start cutting a bit?
    3. How difficult is it to transition from a bulk to a cut?
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