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    Looking for help...


    I'm looking for someone to design custom workouts for me, based on the equipment I have - dumb bells (5 through 35's and will get 40's, and 45's soon) and an olympic bar and bench.

    I like to work out each week day right before dinner. I'm very much a creature of habit but I understand you need to switch it up to be most beneficial.

    If anyone is interested in creating a plan so that I can just go to something new each week... maybe for like 3 months, then I can just rinse and repeat, I'd be interested in discussing compensation. I also need the animations to be in the app.

    I'm not looking to bulk up... just be lean and fit. I like to do approximately six exercises a workout give or take I'm okay doing stuff without weights too... like push ups sit ups and planking. So maybe a few weeks would be all body weight stuff.

    Please let me know if you can help.


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    Hi James, I did a quick review of your current dumbbell routine. It looks like you are already on track for what you have asked for, I see that you are working 8X3 sets. This is in keeping with the 24 recommended in the 24-50 principle for setting a routine for cutting while maintaining muscle mass. Kudos for that my friend. I recommend that you incorporate more compound exercises into your routine. These are exercises that employ more than one joint and stabilizing muscles are more emphasized. I find these type of exercises key for overall healthy connective tissues, joints, and (with full range of motion intention) promotes flexibility all while maximizing your workout time to consume calories. I sent you a friend request. Reach out if there is anything more specific you need help with. Cheers.

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