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    Ectomorph looking to make some changes

    Hi Everyone!

    So I stumbled upon JEFIT on Reddit and this looks to be an amazing program and community! I have worked out some in the past, but have always felt lost when at the gym. I am also not able to afford the personal trainers, plus with my job there are weeks when I am not able to workout. I actually took the app to the gym yesterday and it felt like one of my best, focused workouts that I have ever done!

    To give a little bit about myself, I am 6'3" and weigh about 165 lbs, so your typical ectomorph. The main thing I hear for ectomorphs is to eat, eat eat! I definitely do my best in this area, and I definitely eat more than most (several meals/snacks throughout the day), but for me I have a lot of reflux issues and when I try to stuff myself too much I have a lot of problems with that.

    With that being said, I know that with my condition I will never be able to eat enough to put on the mass necessary to get large, but my main goal is to get as fit as possible and maybe finally have some definition to my body. I am currently able to workout 2 days a week (Tuesday and Thursday) with the possibility of some home based work on Sundays.

    I know it is not a lot of time devoted to workouts, but I would love to hear any suggestions you guys might have for something that can fit my schedule and body type. This seems like a wonderful community and from just reading some of the other posts you guys seem super helpful and motivating, which is exactly what us beginners need to get started.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to chatting with all of you!

    Best regards,

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    Hi Steve and Welcome,

    New here myself and sound very similar, also don't eat much and similar Ecto build. Also found Jefit through Reddit and have had my best sessions so far using the app to diversify routine and push a little harder.

    For extra food I like boiled eggs (the whole thing), which I will have a couple of during the day in the office. I have also started adding extra little meals. Mainly energy dense like chicken or pasta so that I don't have to eat so much of it.

    Also find I will do little exercises during the day like sit ups while laying on floor reading or on phone, leg raises while waiting for printer making tea etc which have now become habit and have kept me quite fit while not going to the gym but are now good to keep muscles moving and use down time to polish off .

    Good luck bud!,

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