Hi all,

I'm Dennis, 32 years old and I've been using Jefit for about 6 months now. Since last week I decided to dive into the Jefit community cause I might need some help and encouragement.
Recently I've been diagnosed with a liver issue where my liver holds a lot of fat in the liver which could eventually cause liver and kidney failure. I've been through a lot of research and next week I have a liver operation to see if I would benefit from that.
Since I'm not good at waiting and see what happens I discussed what I could do myself to improve my liver and one of the things I can do is working on a healthy BMI.
So here I am, my goal for the coming months is going from a BMI of 28.8 back to 25. The hard part is that due to the liver issue I am always tired so I have to train in short bursts.

For now I've chosen a routine https://www.jefit.com/my-jefit/my-routines/?id=1577863496 and I hope that this will give me the energy to continue. If any of you have any advice I'll gladly hear it.

Good luck and a happy new year to you all!