I have a request for the app. I have a rolling modified PPL workout, and it because it's rolling I don't always accomplish all the sets in the specified workout every day that I hit the gym. That means I'm constantly referring to my workout history to make sure I'm not missing anything, and the history button is just that, a list of the workout dates on which the last day said exercise occurred. I have to tap "History" and then look at the dates. Would it be possible to simply display the text "History" and beneath it "Last set" (or something) and then the date or "Yesterday", "Two days ago" or similar? Better yet, a grid displaying the exercises in each workout in rows and date columns and a colored box to indicate information like 1RM, completed, or partial workouts? This would be a very fast reference to find out what specific exercises need to be done or were last completed. Get creative and put the weight/set in the box, too. Lastly, I know it's been mentioned, but I'd love to see a workout calorie estimator, too.

Thanks for reading, appreciate any response.