Afternoon all,

I'm after some advice/guidance....

Since, approximately July last year I've been suffering with some sort of tendon/muscle issue in my left arm. It's affecting how much I can lift whilst doing bicep curls. I've had an MRI scan on it which came back with nothing more than arthritis in the elbow (which I knew), and I've been under the physio who has given my wrist stretches to do.

But even after all the rehab, scans and blood tests I'm still struggling to lift more than about 10/12.5kg without pain when conducting dumbbell bicep curls, I can lift a little more when using a barbell

I generally don't feel any issue with other exercises when I'm in the gym and it's now getting frustrating as I was lifting 20kg+ curling before what ever happened happened.

Any body else had a similar injury? And how did you over come it?