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    Dr. Jim Stoppani's 8 Nutrition Rules For Building Maximum Muscle!

    Came across this article from one of my favorite fitness guys; Dr. Jim Stoppani ([url][/url]).


    Well worth the read. I found the 20-22 calorie per pound suggestion interesting. For me, that would be 3800-4180. I'm nowhere near that.
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    Interesting write-up.

    I guess calories per pound bodyweight are a simple guide, though surely what you actually need depends a fair bit on your fat levels. Say for instance a guy 200lbs and 8% body fat would have a higher metabolic rate than someone 200lbs and 16% body fat (and presumably if the 16% fat guy eats the same number of calories as the 8% fat guy he'll gain more fat even quicker due to this...).

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