I know this is the motivational thread but I'm an iconoclast by nature!!!! The following drives me nutty in the gym;

1) Adverts. Why does the gym advertise its memberships every five minutes? Not only is it the same advert all the time and so very irritating, but it's a membership-only gym!!! The only people who can hear the advert are already members!!! (Or staying at the attached hotel, entitled to use the gym for free and so not interested in a membership!)

2) People wearing hoodies!!! The can't see what's going on around them so they blunder into you when you're trying to workout, trip over things etc, generallly make a nuisance of themselves.

3) People who wander into your workout space. "No, I don't want you to stand there! I'm trying to do flyes!!!"

4) People in groups of six or more doing 3 million sets on the only piece of equipment in the gym you can possibly use for your next exercise!

5) Yes, I know it's bloody Christmas, but I really don't want to hear Bing Crosby on a loop over the PA system thank you. It won't be a "White Christmas" it will be red with the blood from the slaughter I'll cause if I hear it one more time... I need a fast beat for motivation in the gym, that song makes me want to slit my wrists!!!

6) Why are you wearing a fleecy hoodie and a jacket and fleecy trousers while working out? I'm wearing a thin vest top and I'm sweating and it's like a hundred degrees in here!!!

7) Okay, I've asked three times, why haven't you refilled the paper towel dispensers? It's a hundred degrees, the room is full of sweating men, and if you have time to stand around at reception and chat, then you have time to do your job and make sure the dispensers are filled!!!

Why did you bother joining a gym if all you're going to do is sit in the sauna? Yes, I'm talking to you! The sixteen stone guy in the corner...

9) So, you're using the bench press? So why is your bag/jacket/friend hanging off the smith machine preventing anyone from using it?

10) Why does this damned JEFIT PRO programme do almost but not quite exactly what I want it to?

What annoys you while you're working out?

Kind Regards