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    F#ck yeah!

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    As a girl, I can tell for sure what demotivates me the most. It is when some of the men start staring at me working out. One time it was so hard on me, that I even had to search for someone [URL="*********essayontime*****.au/write-my-essay-in-australia"]who can write essay for me in legal way[/URL], so that I could ask men not to keep track of me and tell them that it is legally forbidden.
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    girls with phones in the mirror

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    1. People who don't put the weight back.

    OK, I don't insist on the dumbbells arranged exactly as they were supposed to be, but WTF are 20lbs dumbbells doing in the corner of leg area behind squat racks. Dude, I get it, you had a leg circuit with lunges, and now you're really tired, but you can't be too tired to bring them back where other people can use them. Gym personnel will not put them back every half hour, they do it at the end of the day, there's not enough of them to babysit every patron. Plus, half of them are girls. I remember once I was working out late, and when I finished I stayed extra twenty minutes and helped putting the weights back, because I just couldn't walk out on a 5'4" skinny girly trying to move at least two tons of plates and dumbbells. And I bet, the people who leave 8 plates on the bar and walk away are the same people who complain that half of the bars in the gym are bent. Just as another example - there are three really amazing guys in our gym (I'm both inspired by and jealous of them) - who squat over 500lbs on a regular basis. Five minutes after they're done you wouldn't know they were there - the set is clean, the plates are off. Do that!

    2. People who hog the equipment.

    I'm not against people doing circuits - I do them routinely - but leaving your stuff in three or four different stations is a no.
    And the guy who sits on the only available bench for five minutes watching video on his phone - what's wrong with him?
    As for the guy who was browsing Facebook while on leg press - this was the only time in the gym when I would understand physical violence. I won't approve of it, but I would understand.
    And last, but not least, people who do lateral raises right in front of the dumbbell rack. You only need one pair of dumbbells, why in the world do you block the other five?

    3. People who enter my space. Believe it or not, but there was ...

    ... a guy who asked me how many sets I have left while I was doing bent-over row (I gave him a piece of my mind after I finished the set)
    ... and another guy who was so involved in the conversation with his friend that he almost backed into me when I was doing seated shoulder presses with heavy weights. I saw him in the mirror and grunted "Too close!" as loud as I could have grunted while holding heavy dumbbells over my head, but he didn't even hear me. His friend had to grab him by the elbow and drag him away two seconds before one of us got injured
    ... and yet another person who actually backed into my barbell when I was doing squats. Luckily for both of us, this was my second or third warm-up set, so the bar was light and there was no damage
    ... and someone that I barely saw with a corner of my eye walking really close when I was doing overhead presses. That time I wasn't that lucky - the bar was heavy enough for me, and while I managed not to lower it on that schmoe's head, I twisted my neck really bad and had nerve impingement that took the whole last summer to fix
    ... and finally a guy who was so absorbed into his phone that he bumped into me several times within an hour. His shirt had Facebook logo on it

    4. People with really bad form. Always makes me cringe, but I resolved not to comment unless they're doing something dangerous, like rolling back on deadlift.

    5. Too much exposure. I'm not too picky on that, but public gym is not the best place for shirtless bench presses, even if you look awesome. And ladies, if you want to do stiff-legged deadlift, push-ups, or planks, please put on a T-shirt or do it with you face to the wall that does not have a mirror. It really is very distracting. I can also talk about old men walking through locker room with towel on their shoulder, but I'd rather not - I'm still trying to unsee the last few chance encounters.

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    Demotivation... smell!!! you know what I mean.

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    Ahh loud people!

    You do not need to scream with absolutely every rep, demotivating and annoying! Professionals maybe have to, but amateur lifting 5 pounds really shouldn't scream in packed gym.

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