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Thread: toning up

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    No, you can't. The rules apply to everyone but a select few, especially when it comes to diet. There are several diets you can find for ectomorphs online or on this site. I'm not willing to hold your hand though this if you’re not going to put some work into researching it yourself first. No freebies here, just like everyone else you have to learn though trial and error.

    I am willing to give you and others advice on a few things.

    No, I am not currently getting paid to bodybuild. That would be awesome though.
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    Ok cheers for help and advice

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    I think you are trying to find what we are all trying to find (but doesn't exist) - the 2 week miracle transformation, where you get exactly the look you want as quickly as possible, whether it's real or not. As jghight pointed out so brilliantly, there are only two constants in this whole health endeavor - Exercise and Diet! It doesn't matter if you are as fat as a cow or as skinny as a rail; if you eat well and don't exercise, it is all for nothing. If you workout and eat crap, it's all for nothing. The trick is finding the balance in between all of it. Every single person has to figure it out on their own. I can't tell you how many magazines I've read, products I've tried, routines I've done and nothing has happened. 80% of that failure actually came from listening to a weight lifting friend of mine. He has a completely different body type and metabolism than I do, yet I listened to everything he said and it didn't work. I only started seeing results when I figured out my body on my own. The same has to happen for you. Coming to these forums is a great place to get ideas and tips for GENERAL fitness but it boils down to what works for you. And dude, the way you look right now, you could walk in front of a McDonalds and piss off the 400lb (180kg) fat guy stuffing his face with hamburgers. Don't forget about perspective!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harvo View Post
    So can I eat pretty much anything or would that be wrong to do also are u a pro body builder
    You CAN do pretty much anything, but that doesn't mean it will net you results. What he's saying is that it's trial and error. What works for one person won't always work for others.

    To reference the endo/meso part: [URL=""]

    D[/URL]on't be too concerned with that since you're trying to get a base plan going. Start with a pre-built plan and go from there. There's a ton on here and the net. Just figure out what you really want at the end and go from there.
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