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    Question How to do freestanding pull up bar?


    I would like to ask you about DIY pull up bar. Unfortunately I'm not able to choose pull up bar for walls or for ceiling, because it won't work in my house. I can buy pull up bar for door frame, but I am not sure about this solution - I think it would constrict me. However I saw in the Internet the people, who made their own freestanding pull up bars. I want to ask you - do you have a good solution to make a freestanding bar? Do you know, what I will need to do it? Please, help me! I want to exercise with pull ups, but for now I'm unable!


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    I had one of those pushup/door hanging pullup bars for a while. It works ok, but you have to have doors with the correct size of trim (my house was old and most of the trim was too large). I could never trust one of those compression fit bars that fit in doorways because I have seen way too many people get injured due to improper setup/bad product design.

    If you want to build a freestanding unit that you could move around I would suggest using steel tubing/piping and either welding or bolting everything together.


    This one is slightly larger than most would need, but the design seems pretty stable and has adjustability in it.

    Remember to build it very stable and that it is better to over build it, then to under build it and possibly injure yourself.


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    If you have or are going to get a squat cage, the top of the frame can be used to do pull ups.

    Best wishes

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    [URL=""]Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar[/URL] is ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and more.. Its a great way to work on the pull ups at home. Very easy to put up and takes seconds to take it down. Good product.

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    I have a compression style one on the door to my laundry room, it works great and doesn't require any attachments to the wall. I've had it for a couple of years with no problems.

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