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    Supplement Question

    Hi there,
    I just bought an optimum gold standard 100% whey for my workout. But because I also want to gain some weights, I was told that the best nutrition for gaining weight was the optimum serious mass. So,should I buy the serious mass and take it as supplement before bed/workout and the gold standard for post-workout or just finish my gold standard first then buy the serious mass??
    hopefully my question is not confusing,sorry for the crappy english.
    I'll appreciate all the feedback. cheers

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    Weight gainer is best taken after waking up and before bed. Can also be taken 1hour prior workout. 100% whey for post workout is the best..

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    Adding to the "Supplement Question" thread. Is JEFIT going to include a menu for entering meals eaten or protein drinks taken? Honestly I just want it to track how many protein drinks/ grams of protein I take a day on top of a normal diet.

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    I doubt it, and to be honest, I kind of hope not. I haven't looked but I am sure there are lots of dietary apps out there. However, there are not many good weight lifting apps, so I'd like to see them focus on their core area (no pun intended). Last time I checked JEFIT was easily the best weights app, but there is still room for improvement imho.

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    Understand that you can get all of their nutritional needs from just eating; no supplements needed. However like many you will find them more convenient as they are ready to use.

    Don't buy into hype and advertising. It is a multi-billion dollar industry and you can chalk 98% up to garbage. They will try everything and anything to sell you on their product, the newest and best stuff out there. Stuff promising huge gains, safe replacement for steroids, more energy ... and so much more. Nothing but advertising.

    If you want to take supplements be smart about it. Proteins again can be gained through eating protein based products like chicken and such. However you will find there is not much difference between the cheap no name protein and the most expensive protein with the fancier labels and advertising.

    If you want to gain weight, good weight, then look at eating 5-6 balanced meals through out the day. Make sure you include protein, carbohydrates and essential fats (Omega 3,6 and 9). If you start to gain unwanted weight cut back a bit until you feel comfortable. One of those meals should be within an hour of your lifting to ensure you are replacing your protein stores so that your body does not cannibalize your body.

    Good luck to you.

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    I keep protein in my desk, my cooler, my fridge. Not that I am trying to get huge amounts of protein in throughout the day, I just don't want to miss a meal because I get to busy at work, the guys want to go for lunch or I have baseball practice right after work. I think it is better to go over in your daily protein intake than to fall short.

    If the JEFIT teams decides to write an app I hope they wait until the weight app and online interface is complete and bug free. I'd be more interested in supplement tracking than the entire diet.

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