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    wieght on push-ups

    I have just started using this site and I have a question. When entering push ups it asks for wieght. What should I put there? My body wieght or just extra weight?

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    0 if it's your body weight. If you're using weights (like a backpack), use that for the weight.
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    quote from [url][/url]

    Based on the numbers above, it appears that you’re moving approximately 65% of your body weight at full extension, whereas this number goes up to roughly 75% when you drop to the bottom position.

    Of course, these numbers depend on a variety of factors — for example, arm placement, how far you drop during the pushup motion, and the distribution of weight over your body (if you’re “top heavy,” you’ll be pushing proportionally more weight). Nonetheless, it appears that you are moving roughly 70% of your body weight when doing pushups.

    Other method for estimating your push-up weight is described here:

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