Hey everyone! I'm preparing to start a friendly competition with my boyfriend to help me get back into shape (he is already in shape, but has other fitness goals). I do not have access to a gym and I all I have are some 3lb and 5lb dumbbells. I also have a variety of workout videos for cardio/strength training (though I'm not sure how "good" they are as a whole, some are definitely better than others). I used to be very active, but after the lazy bug bit me for a few years I've found I get frustrated when I can't perform how I was once able to. Also, my knees now have a lot of scar tissue/calcium buildup and consequently hurt when I run. However, I CAN run, and I will since I don't have access to an elliptical. All that leads to my question: How do I construct an effective routine without having to rely on a gym? I am overwhelmed with all the different exercises I see in magazines and online, in conjunction with the handful of videos I have. I only want to lose about 5-10 pounds and 1 size, but I am pretty much starting from scratch. I was blessed with a thin build in general, but I've let my cardiovascular and muscle fitness severely whither. I want a weekly/monthly routine that leaves my body aching (in a good way). I want to be excited about my next workout. Any ideas? Thanks so much!!