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    Hi guys,
    Sorry if this is wrong here, but I'm newbie and would like some help plz.

    Ok my story as follows,
    I'm 31 weight 78, started gym for 2 weeks now, but the trainer isn't that good,
    Anyway I'm trying to find a training or routine to do me good,
    I have a slight lower back problem, so I'm wondering if anyone can help me with what to do!!
    I'm a beginner, didn't do any training for about 10 years, so I need a professional opinion.
    Cuz I don't wanna get hurt doing something I mustn't.
    Now I'm doing machine exercises and walking on machines, someone adviced me not to do anything while standing.
    And not to lift gravy weights, and I should stick with stretching exercises.
    So guys plz guide me through the right way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Good Beginning Workout

    Hey its good your training. Having a healthy body is a great thing.
    There is nothing worse than a bad trainer. As a trainer myself, I tend to have my clients focus on compound exercises that incorporate lots of muscles at the same time. Rather than machines, try to focus more on free weights such as barbells with lower weight rather than machines as this will develop your small stabilizer muscles. Also focus on your core which includes lowerback, abs, and obliques. With lower back problems, it is important to incorporate lower back exercises. My mother had lower back pain but has been treating it through exercise, strengthening her core so that there is less pressure placed on the lumbar spine and more on the surrounding muscles. Standing is generally OK as long as you use LOW weight until your core develops enough to take the pressure, if not you could lose your balance, drop a weight on your foot, etc. Therefore I recommend the following exercises:

    For lower back and core:
    Bridge - a very very effective beginner lower back exercise -
    Plank - [url][/url]

    Weights For General Body - to be done with Barbell - standard olympic barbell is 45 lb. so around 20ish kg. Use LOW weight to prevent injury, most injuries happen when you use to much weight. These four exercises will get you on your way
    Bench Press - Great Upper Body Lift - Works Chest, Triceps, and Shoulders
    Weighted Squat - Great for Legs, Lower Back, Glutes
    Dead Lift - [url][/url]
    Military Press - Great for Shoulders, and triceps

    Calisthenics are standard endurance military exercises will train LOTS of muscles at the same time -
    Push Ups - for push ups I recommend this program - [url][/url]
    Pull Ups - pull ups are very difficult but strengthen the back. Don't be put off by the name of this webiste haha.
    Sit Ups - these will work the abdominal as well as some of the pelvic area

    I definitely also recommend looking at crossfit. It is a new form of working out that focuses more on short intense workouts that can be tailored towards newbies as well as full blown athletes. Many special forces units and law enforcement utilize cross fit. While they hurt like hell and make you want to die they incorporate EVERYTHING, cardio and strengthen all the major muscle groups. One 15 minute workout makes you feel like you've been in a regular gym for an hour and a half. See if you can find a crossfit gym around your area!

    Mess around with these exercises and see how they feel. If you like them I can definitely go into depth on how to put together a workout using progression and what not.

    Good luck!

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