So I have been working out for several months, the only supplement I really take is whey protein only after my workouts (which are using late in the day around 7 or 8 pm). My goals are pretty simple, loose some weight in the midsection (not much left), build more upper body strength as my lower body strength is good.

Here is a quick rundown of my work outs:
30 minutes of cardio (15 jogging/running, 15 biking)
weight training

Now the twist, I am a diabetic (Type 2). I've actually lost a lot of weight (6'5, 180 lbs). So I try to stay away from anything with a lot of caffeine b/c that can spike blood sugars. I also stick to low carb whey protein (isolate).

So just looking for some helpful tips or suggestions to add to help with working out. Thanks!