Ok guys, I used to workout, just the basics of bodybuilding in highschool, and I just recovered due to a hernia surgery in march. Recently I had started stronglifts program and although I'm working out the kinks for the diet my form is good.now there is in fact a lot of info out there and I was hoping someone could give me insight because I want to start bodybuilding. What would everyone recommend something involving compound I.e. starting strength or stronglifts or go into an Arnold program basic level such as lateral raises,curls, incline press and Mich more that rippetoe and mehdi have not included. Pipe dream is to bold a physique of the golden era bodybuilders who started out powerlifting compound exercises so I'm in a grey area in terms of what to start with and how exactly to set my goals to achieve that.any starting direction as far as long-term program goals, help with diet and so forth with a fresh beginninerwould be very much appreciated.