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    Great app! Few minor changes would make it superb!

    Found Jefit about six months ago for android and it quickly became one of my most used apps. Recently switched to a new iPhone 4s and immediately installed the iOS version.

    The iOS version is great, but there are a two features I'd like to see implemented:

    1. Between sets if you hit the home button and open another application, the countdown timer stops until you return to Jefit. On android you could hop imto another application to check twitter/email/etc and the timer would continue. I'd like to have the iOS version keep the timer running even if you aren't in the app.

    2. I'd love to see a paid version to remove ads. Jefit is a great piece of software and I'd like to support it!

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    engelwood - There is a paid "pro" version

    And the ability to zoom/move about graphs and them made clearer

    and if possible a switch exercise option, to switch an exercise quickly with one that similar
    such as barbell bench press would switch with machine press, dumbbell bench, incline, decline etc etc
    E N G L A N D!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrwright View Post
    engelwood - There is a paid "pro" version
    Not for iPhone (yet).
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    Thanks for the quick response!

    Its refreshing to see one on one interaction between developers and app users!

    Can't wait for the next version and when you release a paid iOS version it'll be a day one purchase for me!

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