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    HELP need a routine i just started working out after 2 months of resting

    i need a routine to gain weigh again, i just started working out again, after 2 years of training i rested 2 months because i had a shoulder injury, so if some could help, i would really apreciate it.
    before i rested= 154 pounds
    after=145 pounds
    it really shows in my body please help with a good routine

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    What are your goals?
    and what routine did you do before your injury?
    E N G L A N D!

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    well, before my injury i had a medium bodybuild then i just went skinny so i want to recover back my body and im looking for some advanced exercises for that , in here i found some, but i dont know wich one works or how to mix them to make a good routine thanks...

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