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    Smile What are some healthy foods I can eat?

    Hi everyone,

    I was just wondering what healthy foods I can eat I want to lose 9kg my stomach sticks out a bit, I am suffering from pain, I am working out and I'm thinking of using a meal re-placer as well maybe a smoothie one?

    Thanks for your help.
    Reid wilson

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    Healthy foods

    Hey mate,

    Weight loss is about 70% diet 30% exercise, and getting a six pack is about 90% diet - so you've got the right idea by trying to get your diet sorted!

    Lean red meat with vegetables will do you a world of wonder, but my favourite by far is brown rice and tuna/salmon. Incredibly easy to make, it's also really good for you and you'll find the fish is a decent source of protein (if you want to build some muscle). You'll want to try to get your carbs organised so that you're having your larger loads of carbs before a big workout or exercise session to give you some energy to burn. Taking in a big load of carbs with no way to burn it off is gonna slow your progress big time.

    The other biggie is getting your metabolism sorted - this means making your meals regular! It's pretty logical; three larger meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a few healthy snacks between (a muesli bar or piece of fruit for morning/afternoon tea).

    Good luck with your weight loss!

    EDIT: Oh, and before I forget - try and cut out as much salt as you can. Salt increases your water retention, which will slow your weight loss and also your chances of a slimmer stomach (the fat in front of your abdominals LOVES to store water).
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    Some healthy foods

    These are the list of some healthy foods,.

    Orange & Other Fruit Juice
    Beans & Lentils
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    Hi Reid wilson,
    To lose 9 kg you must have diet meals and be consistent in your workout routine.
    Add broccoli, berries, brown rice, salmon fish, whole grain bread in your daily meals and drink green tea twice in a day.
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