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    Question decline bench alternatives here.
    I recently changed gyms from the Y (too much money) to Planet Fitness but they don't allow (or have the equipment for) decline bench exercises. Can someone give me some suggestions for some proper alternatives that will work the lower chest?

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    The lower chest will generally get worked pretty good on a flat bench press, Or if you have an incline bench just drop the bit that holds it out of the grooves and decline it that way, or put something under neath 1 side of the bench so its declined
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    Step benches are usually stackable and can be put under one side of a flat bench to give a decline.

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    Decline Alternatives

    I've been using the abdominal decline bench as my bench. It's a bit wider than a normal bench but can give a mean lean when declining those reps. It seems to work quite well.
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    Vertical dips... strap weights to your waist, or if there are kettlebells, hook one on your foot, or one on each foot.

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