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    Supplement advice

    I’m looking to get feedback on what supplements I really need to take. I’m a 36 year old male. I’m 5’10 and 300 lbs. As you can see I got some serious weight to lose. I’m defiantly at a cross road in my life. I have two little girls I need to think of now. My goal is to lose weight, improve my overall health, and increase lean muscle. Recently I did some research on and Click on their” find a plan” They recommended the following supplement plan?
    • Multivitamin
    • Whey Protein
    • Essential fatty acids
    • Thermogenic Fat Burner
    • CLA
    • BCAA
    • Post-Workout Carbohydrate

    I personally can’t afford all of these supplements. If you had to pick a few of these supplements which ones would you pick and why. Feel free to add something not listed.

    Thank You

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    I think the supplements are not the most important thing right should drink a lot water mixed with some multivitamin.if you can afford get a whey too,so you can take it instead of a large breakfest with something and after train.make clear you change your foodplan!!!furthermore it would be nice to have a training partner with same goals,so you can motivate each other.Of course cardio is important but you will loose much more weight while training your whole body!so you will turn the fat into muscles:-) im sure you will get a nice plan around here.

    Train hard and keep it up!!!!

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    Yep, I'd vote "none of the above". (Or maybe a generic multivitamin if you want, but that shouldn't be expensive).

    Spend all the money you saved on getting your diet right (healthy fresh food, lots of vegetables, adequate amounts of lean protein, etc).

    (They recommended all that stuff because they are funded by ads for supplement companies... not growers of fruit and vegetables...).

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    Quote Originally Posted by briguy142 View Post
    Recently I did some research on and..
    Well their tagline is "The World's #1 Online Bodybuilding Website & Supplement Store!".

    Like tjwood said, supplement companies pay money to mags & sites like that. So just be cautious of what you read.

    If anything, I would go with a decent multivitamin and protein powder. The vitamin can be from your local drug store. Nothing fancy. The powder can come from your warehouse club (Sam's, Costco). The majority of your nutrients should come from whole food sources if possible (think lean meats, veggies, etc.).

    That said, it's not always convenient to eat like that. I know I'm pressed for time so I make do with what I can get. I'm less concerned about what's in one meal versus what I take in daily. So if lunch has to be sub-par because of time, then I make sure to level it out with other meals.

    The toughest thing is to find consistency and sustainability with your program. After all, it's a life long thing.
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