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    [6 days/week][Bulking][Advanced] Bulk/Stregnth/Conditioning 1

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    This Routine is not just about "Max Weight Sets", it's about total conditioning. There is a mix of light to moderate weight lifts with multiple sets at high reps for warm up and endurance conditioning. There are also Exercises focused on "Bulking Up" with Multi-Set or Step-Up Super sets with focus on Bulking. My concern is also to continue with specific rehab exercises targeted to my needs. I train for complete strengthening of each muscle from connection point to connection point for max injury prevention! Not just focusing on the large muscle groups, but the smallest groups as well. Conducting every session at an optimal cardio rate is key also to increasing stamina as well as maintaining a high metabolic rate! I spend 10-12hrs a week! Somedays I split workouts (Morning/Evening) depending on my schedule. My selection of exercises and equipment optimize solo training. I can complete a routine more effeciently when focused on my bodys requierments when not having to deal with the distractions that can come with having a workout based on the need of training partner/spotter. Motavation is not an issue for me. I'm not in the gym to talk and waste time. My out of gym days are spent training with my teenage kids in Martial Arts, Basketball and at home gym workouts! My training is to keep me fit to do whatever activity I want or my kids want and not worrying about any limitations!

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