UK based

Until now done reasonably well without supplements adding 1" to shoulders and arms without any diet change.

But realising to add the extra 2-3" in my goal to tone and add shape/definition, I'm going to need supplements.

I've been using 2x Maximilk's daily for the last week and had my biggest weekly increase in my arms (0.25"), legs (0.2") and weight (1lb) since starting training. But they are flipping expensive at £2.50 per bottle and £5 per day! I did try a cheaper brand but was bloated and more lathargic than with the maximuscle version.

As such i'm looking at powders which have a lower daily cost. I'd prefer to stay with Maximuscle, but confused by all the various products. Which one do I want? Progain extreme, Promax extreme or Cyclone? Do they all taste similar if using the same flavour? I've always struggled to put on weight until starting training, so classing myself as a hardgainer or Ectomorph.

And importantly, where can I walk in and buy easily for the best/cheapest price?

Many Thanks.

Any help from people using Maximuscle is appreciated.