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    I am a champion - Motivational Video

    When I'm in need of a little motivation to get off my butt and hit the gym, I watch this video. It truly inspires me and gets my blood flowing and pumped to lift some weights.

    brb, taking over the world.

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    Whoa. It's DMX as a football coach. Good stuff.
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    such a crazy speech! gives goosebumps everytime!

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    i dont know, i think the al pacino football speech beats it

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    great vid thx

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    I like the motivational videos. The biggest effect they have right before the important actions and changes in your life. I watched the funny one from the comedy show right befor the defending thesis. In addition to the assistance with my work that I found [URL=""]here[/URL] , it gave me a confidence in my argumenting during speech

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