Exhausting but good workout today. Had trouble completing 11 reps on the military press but otherwise did well. I feel like I'm starting to make a bit of progress. I've lost a few pounds and feel a bit less flabby around the middle! I have a week of vacation coming up, so I hope I don't lose ground that week. 10 min cardio before and 20 min after.

Heavy Workout Day
Barbell Squat: 45x11, 45x11, 100x11, 100x11
Barbell Bench Press: 45x11, 55x11, 110x11, 110x11
Barbell Bent Over Row: 45x11, 45x11, 80x11, 80x11
Standing Military Press: 45x11, 65x10, 65x9
Barbell Deadlift: 45x11, 110x11, 110x11
Barbell Curl: 45x11, 45x11
Seated Calf Raise: 25x11, 50x11, 100x11, 100x11