Android Update Version 6.0425 Released!

Hello All,

We have released a quick bug fix to resolve some bugs/issues that users have been experiencing with the previous release of the Android Application

What’s New

1.) Updated – Charts and Graphs

We have gone ahead and update/redesigned the graphs/charts of the Reports, 1RM/Total Volume, Exercise Log and Elite pages of the application.

The graphs are much cleaner, organized and contain X/Y data information so that you can clearly see the progress that you are making.

2.) Updated – Preferences/Settings Page

Along in this update we have updated our settings page so that it is cleaner, more organized and you can find the preferences settings that you would like to change within your usage of the app.

3.) Improved – Workout Session Tracking

Another improvement we have made within this update is the overall tracking of your workout session that you record via the “Workout On the Fly and Start Routines” pages.

In this update, the application will be able to generate even clearer and concise data from your workout making it even more precise than before.

4.) Bug Fixes and Performance Enhancements

– We have also made various bug changes and performance enhancements to make the overall usage of JEFIT a much easier, enjoyable and fluid experience.

Currently In Progress

– We are still in the process of updating and developing the latest update to our iPhone/iOS application. We apologize for the delay of this update but we are indeed still working diligently on this update and doing our best to make sure it is a fully polished update for our iPhone/iOS users.

We are hoping to have this update out as soon as possible so that our iPhone/iOS users get access to the multitude of features included in this latest update to JEFIT as well as Elite Subscribers for the iPhone/iOS get access to their Elite features within the application.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work forward to bring you this major update for the iPhone/iOS as soon as possible.

* Reminder * : Please send all of your emails, questions, feedback, reviews and suggestions requests to or post on the App/Website Questions on the Forums

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We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update.

– JEFIT Development Team