DroidFit v 2.5.0804 is out. Update notes.

1. Updater performance improved.

2. Add optional timer sound alarm and vibration.

3.Add different weight increment for Kg users.
–   0.5 Kgs weight increase for weight below 15 Kgs.
–   2.5 Kgs weight increase for weight between 15 Kgs and 250 Kgs.
–   5 Kgs weight increase for weight above 250 Kgs.

4. Add more body part tracking: Height, Hips, Thighs, Shoulders, Forearms, Neck

5.  Exercise List by alphabetical order;

6. Bug-Fixed: profile update record duplicate bug.

7. Bug-Fixed: fixed memory leaking bugs. now it is memory leaking free!

8. Bug-Fixed: fix individual log deleting bug.