JEFIT Android Update Released – Version 5.1125

Hello All,

We’ve updated our app for the Android, both JEFIT Free and Pro with some new features, log in options and bug fixes.

This update improves on the new social media functionalities that we have previously included into the previous update of JEFIT, allowing you to do and perform more with the social option, search for friends, logging in with Facebook and Google Plus and more!

Whats New

1.) Improved: Progress picture upload. Now uploading 10X time faster

– We have improved the progress picture and downloading functionalities so now your Progress Pictures upload 10X faster than previously before.

Your images will instantly show up on your online profile, be posted on your timeline and show up within your progress picture page on the JEFIT Website.

2.) New: Social account login/signup – Google+ account

– With this latest update to JEFIT,  you are now able to log into your JEFIT account and signup with JEFIT via your Google Plus Account, making it quicker and easier to signup and use the app.

3.) New: Social account login/signup – Facebook account

– Along with the ability to sign up and log in with your Google Plus

4.) New: Adding friends feature via various methods

– You are now easily able to add friends on JEFIT via their JEFIT Username, their Facebook Accounts, Google Plus, through an SMS message or via Email.

JEFIT Username : By searching for your friends and adding them via JEFIT, you will need to know

Facebook : Using the Facebook option to find friends, JEFIT will pull up your friends list on Facebook and you will be to select which friends you want to send an invite to have them join you on JEFIT and add you as a friend on the site.

Google Plus : Just like Facebook, when finding and adding friends on Google Plus, JEFIT will open up your Google Plus friends list/circles and you will be able to select which friends you would like to invite to have them join you on JEFIT and add you as a friend on the site.

SMS : Through the SMS functionality, you will be able to send your friends a text message to have them join you on JEFIT and add you as a friend on the site.

Email : When using the Email option, you will be able to send your friends and family an email to link them to your online JEFIT profile, download JEFIT and add you as a friend on the site to track your progress and help keep you motivated with your fitness goals.

5.) New : Post Status Updates via the Activity Feed

–  You are now able to post status and news feed updates via the social media page on the JEFIT App. On a previous update we included the new activity feed page where you are instantly linked to your online JEFIT profile where you can view the status updates of your JEFIT Friends.

Now with this update you are able to post updates about how your workout is going, any new personal records you have achieved, updates on your body stats and potentially weight loss/muscle gain or just to say what’s up to your friends.

6.) Bug-Fixed: fixed some minor bugs

– We have also made various bug changes and performance enhancements to make the overall usage of JEFIT Free a much easier, enjoyable and fluid experience.

* Reminder * : Please send all of your emails, questions, feedback, reviews and suggestions requests to or post on the App/Website Questions on the Forums

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We appreciate all of your support and patience as we work forward on bringing you this new update.

– JEFIT Development Team

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