JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding App Version 2.0 Update Released

Hello All,

We just wanted to let everyone know we have released an update for the brand new JEFIT iPhone Workout and Bodybuilding Application. This new update that fixes random force close problems, fixed memory leaks, and reduces memory footprints so that users do not experience random force closings due to the amount of memory usage by the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding Application and others that are running in the background.

We understand that many iPhone users are currently waiting for new features and some additions that the Free Android Version has, but these features will be added in the next iPhone Bodybuilding Application Update Release. The most important thing about this update was that we needed to make sure that all of the force closing and memory leaking issues were fixed so our newest iPhone Users could experience the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding Application to the fullest without any bugs/issues or having the app constantly close on them, rendering it completely useless.

So for those who do indeed already have the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding Application, head on over to the iTunes or iPhone App store and pick up the latest update, Version 2.0.

*Note : We are also releasing an update for the Android Application that will be fixing bugs, issues and force closings that have been caused due to the last update, stay tuned for more information regarding the update*

Version 2.0 Update Release

1. (Fixed) Random Force Closings Due To Excessive Memory Usage

2. (Fixed ) Memory Leaking

3. (Fixed) Reducing Memory Footprints

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