JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding App Version 3.0 Released!

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce that the JEFIT iPhone Bodybuilding and Workout Application Version 3.0 has been released! In this release we have fixed a synchronization issue that many users were having, thumbnail images next to each exercise in both the routines and exercise sections of the application so that you are able to see which exercises are going to be done or are being looked at, a check mark next to each exercise that is completed (Removes the small checkmark on the right panel of the application) and finally the super-set function which has been requested by many users.

1. Fixed minor synchronization bug.

2. Added thumbnail images for exercises – Thumbnails have been added next to each exercise on the exercise page to allow the users to be able to view the exercise that they might want to perform before they click into the page. With the extensive exercise database, this provides a benefit to view each exercise.

3. Added thumbnail images for routines – As in the same with the exercise page, thumbnails have been added next to each exercise on the routine page to allow the users to be able to view the exercise that they are going to perform in their routine.

4. Added super-set support – The super-set function which has predominantly been a part of the Android Application has finally been added to the iPhone Bodybuilding Application. Users are now able to perform their super-set exercises and record their information accordingly.

5. Added check mark for finished exercise – The checkmark image has been added so that users are able to clearly see which exercises they have indeed performed in their routine and move onto an exercise they have not finished yet. In the previous versions of the application, we placed the checkmark on the right side which would get mixed up with the unfinished exercises, thus causing confusion for users during their routines.

We are currently working on more updates for the website along with the update following for the Android Application so stay tuned for more information regarding those updates and new features. We hope that our iPhone App users enjoy the brand new update!

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