JEFIT Pro Android 4.2.1010 and Free 3.3.1010

Hello All,

We hope that many of you haven’t succumb’d to the cold weather yet and starting giving up on your workouts or diet plans. The winter time is the worst when it comes to continuing your routines and working out as the temperature change along with daylight savings time can cause a reluctance to get into the gym and work out when you can stay nice and warm inside along with being comfortable.

We wanted to let you all know that we have released an update for the Android Pro and Free Applications, JEFIT Pro Version 4.2.1010 and JEFIT Free 3.3.1010. This update focuses upon the usage of profile picture function that is currently available on the Android Device and transferring the pictures that you take instantly to be either set as your profile picture or avatar on the JEFIT Website. We want our users to get more active on the JEFIT Website with posting up Profile and Progress Pictures to receive feedback from your fellow users and gain that sense of pride and motivation from what you have accomplished already. The other reason as to why we are featuring this as the main focus upon this update is that within the next week to week and a half, we will be introducing the Community Section on the JEFIT Website that will be highlighting our most active users, our most inspirational users and mainly focusing upon you, the JEFIT Users to be the main highlight of the website and the application. The ability to set your profile picture and avatars will be important as you can instantly keep your profile updated with the latest photos without having to turn on your computer to upload what you have taken, with the simple and easy click of a button your profile picture on the website will be instantly changed to highlight your progress.

1.) Added Thumbnails to the Workout Routines – Added thumbnail images of the exercises in your workout routine list, same as the thumbnails that have been added to the exercise database.

2.) Ability to set up Profile Images and Ability to Upload/Download Profile Pictures – JEFIT Members are now able to either upload Progress Pictures to their Profile Picture or Avatar Picture from the JEFIT Workout Application or even download Profile and Avatar Pictures from their JEFIT Online Accounts onto their Android Devices.

We are also going to be planning on revamping our Cardio Tracking System on the Website as well as the iPhone and Android Applications, rolling out some new pages and features on the JEFIT Website and a bunch of other stuff that we are still currently planning out but will have details on in the future.

Also for those who may have missed we have added new features to JEFIT Members Profiles Update and Released the JEFIT iPhone Version 3 Update as well Version 3

Again we would like to thank you all for your support and choosing JEFIT as your workout application to help you maintain your fitness and achieve goals that you have set out. We of course will be keeping you all up to date on the development of the IPhone Application along with many other functions and features.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at and Follow us on Twitter at @JefitTechnology. Also interact on the JEFIT Forums with your fellow JEFIT Members and Users

Stay up to date and keep the progress up! Thank you all again!


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