JEFIT Pro Android Version 4.4.0225 Update Released!

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce that we have released the latest update to the JEFIT Pro Android Application, version 4.4.0225, which is a major overhaul to the JEFIT Pro Workout Application with a redesigned UI, improved user experience, changes to exercise images, brand new built-in routines in the NEW routine download section and much much more!

    Whats Available in the Latest Update

Redesigned UI – With some of the changes made to the Android Operating System, we have made major UI changes to match Google Standards. With these UI changes, you will notice that Jefit looks much cleaner and organized with the content of the application, fluidity between the pages and overall runs smoother.

JEFIT Pro Android 4.4.0225 Main Menu

Improved User Experience – With the changes to the UI comes an overall improved user experience, with the use of more icons and symbols for a universal understanding of what certain buttons do and perform for the application. The pages become less clumped with text, thus making it much easier to navigate through pages and use the application.

Added Routine Download Functionality with 50+ Built-In JefitTeam Created Routines – Now users are able to download JefitTeam created workouts off of the routine database with the new routine download functionality. This feature is available off of the main routine page, you will notice a button that states “Manage/Download Routines”, you will then click this button and notice two tabs on the top that state “Routine Manager” and “Download More…”, by clicking Download More you will be able to see all of the routines created by the Jefit Development Team.

Fixed, Improved and added Additional Exercise Images – It is necessary for all Jefit users to update their exercise images from the “Preferences” page as we have made changes to many of the exercise images; cleaning them up, adding in new steps for certain exercises and taking new images. We appreciate your support and patience as we make these exercise images as clean and clear as possible for your usage with our application.

Improved Graph Chart (with Zoom In, Zoom Out, etc…) – We have added new changes to our graphing charts where you are now able to zoom and zoom out of the graph to view your data, flip the chart to landscape mode and have better usage viewing your stats.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements – We have also made various bug changes and performance enhancements to make the overall usage of JEFIT Pro a much easier, enjoyable and fluid experience.

We are very pleased and excited about the release of this major overhaul to our Pro Android Application and we hope that you all enjoy the changes that we have made for your usage with our app.

We will be following up the release of this update with the release of the JEFIT Free Android Update next week, followed by updates to both iOS Free and Pro Applications with major UI Redesigns and Overhauls as well.

Thank you all again for your support and your continued usage of the JEFIT Workout Application and Website.

Stay tuned for more details and features that we roll out for your usage!

Thank You!

– JEFIT Development Team

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