JEFIT Pro v4.2.0111 update notes – ability to continue unfinished sets

1. Added check mark to show finished exercises. It also shows how many sets have been done for unfinished exercises.

2. Auto save unfinished exercises and added options to continue unfinished sets or start over from set 1.

3. Added non-UTF-8 character encoding support. Now server is also non-UTF-8 encoding characters supported. You won’t get sync error even you have non-UTF-8 encoding characters in your input.

4. Enlarge Weight/Rep text input size

5. Minor UI adjustment on exercise view page.

6. Minor UI adjustment on rep/weight recording page.

7. Bug-Fixed: log calendar display bug on Motorola Droid, Droid2, Droid X , and Samsung Galaxy Tap.

8. Bug-Fixed: single quotation mark causes sync issue and rare crash.

9. Bug-Fixed: age bug.

10. Bug-Fixed: on rest timer page, buttons for last set of exercise were linked to next exercise (were supposed to link to current exercise).

11. Bug-Fixed: fixed a bug on target body stat function.

12 Bug-Fixed: note button on weight/reps recording page was linked to wrong exercises.

13. Bug-Fixed: synchronization bug.