JEFIT Pro v4.2.0510 & JEFIT v3.3.0510 release notes

1. (Improved) Turn off auto pop-up soft keyboard on weight/reps recording page. Now it only pop-up the keyboard when you click on the text field.

2. (Fixed ) Synchronization Bugs involving the “Invalid Response Format” errors. This fixes the issue that has plagued many of our users preventing them from being able to synchronize their data and stats with the server.

3. (Fixed) Compatibility Issue on 3.0 with HTC Tablets and other HTC Operating Systems running on this version. Our HTC users are now able to synchronize their data without the JEFIT program force closing.

Note for 3.0 users: If you have trouble viewing exercises. try to export your data and import it back. This should be able to fix the bug.

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