JEFIT v3.3.0113 update notes – ability to continue unfinished sets

1. Show how many sets of each exercise have been done on Routine -> exercise list.

2. Auto save unfinished exercises and added options to continue unfinished sets or start over from set 1.

3. Added non-UTF-8 character encoding support. Now server is also non-UTF-8 encoding characters supported. You won’t get sync error even you have non-UTF-8 encoding characters in your input.

4. Enlarge Weight/Rep text input size

6. Minor UI adjustment on rep/weight recording page.

7. Bug-Fixed: log calendar display bug on Samsung Galaxy Tap.

8. Bug-Fixed: single quotation mark causes sync issue and rare crash.

9. Bug-Fixed: age bug.

10. Bug-Fixed: on rest timer page, buttons for last set of exercise were linked to wrong exercise (should link to last exercise instead of next exercise).

11. Bug-Fixed: fixed a bug on target body stat function.

12 Bug-Fixed: note button on weight/reps recording page was linked to wrong exercises.