Jefit Website Changes

Hello All,

We wanted to inform you all that we have made various changes to the Jefit Website.

Notification System – Our new notification system can be noticed in the top right hand corner of the page symbolized by the “Text Box”. When a user either receives a comment on their My-Jefit Profile Page, Picture Comment, Private Message or Friend request, you will get a notification on the upper right panel to let you know there has been interaction with your Jefit Profile.

Friend Search/Adding Friends System – We have made searching and adding friends much easier now with our new Friend Search and Adding functionality. On the top right hand corner of the header you will notice the profile symbol which represents the new Friend Search function. By clicking on this button you will be taken to the friends page where you can view all of your current friends, any incoming friend requests you might have or search for any of your friends who are currently using Jefit through their username.

New Forum Layout – We have changed up the layout of the Jefit Forums, , with a much cleaner layout. This helps with the cluttered feeling that the forums previously had and allows for more organized layout. You can also view the latest forum threads/posts and group posts/topics through the tab that is located on the right side of the page.

New Twitter Handle – Lastly we have changed our twitter handle from @JefitTechnology to @JefitInc to focus more upon our company and identification.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the review of Jefit Pro for the iPhone/iOS devices. As soon as we receive our confirmation email from the App Store, we will release the updates for both Jefit Pro and Jefit Free for the iOS/iPhone Devices. We apologize for the inconvenience and time it has taken to get this approved.

– Jefit Development Team

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