Sharing Routines With Friends Now Available!

Hello All,

We wanted to inform you that we have introduced a new feature into the JEFIT Website where you are now able to share your workout routines with your friends.

Privately Sharing Routines with Friends

In regards to sharing routines with your friends, the standards and rules of copyright still apply when sharing such routines with others. It is important to follow these rules and make sure that if you are sharing a routine with somebody else, that you are sharing your own content and a routine that you have created on your own.

When you receive a privately shared routine, you will receive a notification in the top right hand corner in the “notification panel”, where you will be linked to the routine that has been shared to you for download.

New Public Routine Sharing Features

Recently we had to temporarily remove the user submitted routines as we have had a DMCA Complaint and a few users not following site rules and posting routines that have a copyright.

Thus we have had to take the necessary steps to remove the routine database at the moment (in regards to user-submitted routines).

We are going to bring back the routine database shortly but going to incorporate new features and routine reviews so that we don’t experience any DMCA complaints or copyright routines in the future.

One of these new features will be a review system in which a routine that you have submitted to the routine database, will have to go under review of the JEFIT Team to make sure that the routine contains no plagiarism or any copyright material within the routine that is being submitted. This review process should take around a day or two make sure that the routine is of original content and design.

We understand that this might be a hassle but this is important for us to protect copyright laws, JEFIT and following proper standards when it comes to sharing routines to the public.

One other notice, we also understand that there are many popular workout routines that have previously been submitted to the routine database, for those who have submitted those routines, you can re-submit them, we will review the content and post it the routine database after the review.

We appreciate all of your understanding and patience as we work forward to bringing back the routine database.

Again we appreciate all of your support and understanding

We hope that you all enjoy the new private routine sharing between yourself and your friends and continue to enjoy your usage of JEFIT!

– JEFIT Development Team

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  1. Basically, I want it to be on the main page where all of my posts go but then I also want to be able to put it on a separate page of my blog dedicated to only that subject. Hopefully this makes sense!.

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