Update on Major Update, Progress Pictures and New OS Platform

Hello all,

Well with the Major Update release for the Android Application imminent, we wanted to give all of our users a heads up about what is going to be happening within the next week and the forthcoming weeks.

Update News

Currently the production on the Major Update is almost complete with testing and debugging taking place. We are hoping to have the releases for both the pro and free versions over the weekend so that Monday we will be able to begin fresh on our brand new project that will hopefully take JEFIT to the next level in terms of amount of users, recognition among markets, workout companies and smartphone users, and overall bring more traffic to the JEFIT website/application. For those currently who do not know what the Major Update entails, check out our past blog at http://www.jefit.com/jefit-announcement/announcement-on-future-major-update/.

JEFIT Workout App For the IPhone

Our next project though will be the development and production of the JEFIT Workout Application for the IPhone! Getting JEFIT on the IPhone Platform has always been a major concern and strive for us, as the market of IPhone users has grown dramatically within the past few months since the release of both the IPhone 4 and the IPad 2, along with the September release of the IPhone 5 it only makes sense for us to join the bandwagon and bring our application to another OS. Though many Android users might frown upon this shift, we are not abandoning our Android application at all, with the amount of people in our development team, we are going to be focusing as much man power on the IPhone App Development as possible so that it can be released as soon as possible and we will be able to release updates for both the Android and IPhone applications. As a company, being able to develop for another platform, especially one as popular and fast rising as the IPhone market, only makes sense to boost our revenue and gain more exposure to Apple users and Apple Developers. We want to gain more popularity among the masses and become one the top Workout Application among both markets and with the help of our passionate Android JEFIT users, we know we can accomplish this. What is extremely important about this update and release on the IPhone OS as well is that with the increase amount of revenue this will bring us, it will provide us with the opportunity to hire more employees to our development team. More programmers means work will get done much faster, ideas will be brought together quickly and coherently, and we will be able to provide for you, the users, faster updates, more features and functions and focus on making JEFIT the most premiere and as perfect workout application as possible. As stated above, we are hoping to have the IPhone application released soon so that we can focus on bringing updates to both platforms and making JEFIT as bug free as possible. (We hope that our Android users understand this and we greatly appreciate your support!)

Forum Update

Another note is that this week we have also revamped our Forum page with new sections focusing on Nutrition, Supplements, Motivation for lifting, Diet Plans, Weight Loss help, General Chatting, Sharing your Pictures and Success Stories and of course most importantly of all, Introducing Yourself to the JEFIT community. With the development on this major update, our tracking and appearances on the JEFIT forums have been slim and we feel like we have abandoned our users on those pages and it is unacceptable. We want to bring our users closer together in a friendly, safe, helpful and appealing environment where people can help each other out, share information, post helpful hints and tips for lifting, and become friends to help strengthen the JEFIT community. This is where users can also help each other out with any issues or bugs that the program might have, one user might have a solution that many others are looking for and being able to share this resourceful news is a great help not only to other users, but us the developers as well. The JEFIT community is one of the most important aspects of our application and website because without you guys, without our users, we are nothing and we want to be there for you, to create an atmosphere that you want to come back to and share your thoughts, diet plans, routines, anything and all fitness with the world. So log onto JEFIT.com and click on the forums page, introduce yourself, post up a random thought, share your pictures and diet plans with others, help each other with the same common goal that we are all here for, and that goal is to better our lives through fitness and exercise.

Progress Pictures

Speaking of the Forums and pictures, we currently now have the ability for our users to upload Progress Pictures onto their JEFIT Profile Pages. We do not have this feature or function just yet on the phone application (As it will be released in the Major Update over this weekend) but we have provided our users with the ability to jump the gun and upload pictures onto your profiles ahead of schedule before the update is released. You can upload your pictures to your profiles and create an album that you can share with friends and other users on the forum pages. This allows you to receive positive feedback on your gains or wishes of success as you take your journey, along with the JEFIT application, to create and make a better you through hard work and fitness. We have posted a tutorial on the forums on how to create this feature at http://www.jefit.com/forum/showthread.php?5164-Progress-Photos and an example would be of our Web/Graphic Designer’s Album of http://www.jefit.com/forum/album.php?albumid=2601 (Not a plug at all but an example for you all to see how your pictures will be laid out and structured on the site). So go ahead and upload your pictures and share them with other members, receive feedback and responses so that you feel even more motivated to lift, exercise, lose weight and make gains!

Community/Social Media/Privacy Options

Along with the IPhone version being released, we will be focusing on creating a Community searchable function on our website so that we introduce more social media aspects to the JEFIT website including commenting on others pages, adding friends, sharing routines and data, comment on pictures, being able to view statistics of your friends, share your profiles on Facebook and Twitter and bringing more traffic/usage to the JEFIT Website and your profiles on the site. We want to take the social media aspect for bodybuilders to the next level and give you a reason to keep coming back to the website besides just updating your statistics and profiles. The one goal is for everyone to become friends, for users to get acquainted with each other, share tips and help, to comment on goals and progress, get feedback for routines and workouts and bring everyone closer together as JEFIT users under the common goal. Just as other social media sites allow you to make friends, this allows our users to help each other out, to get POSITIVE feedback and not just another social media site of trolling and frustration. Our goal is to create the best positive atmosphere for your use of JEFIT and more reason to come back onto the site time and time again. One of our major concerns is privacy in this matter as well because many users do not want certain bits of information to get out to other users/public so our main focus is creating a safe and customizable environment for all of our users.

One more thing and a Thank You to all of our users!

This past week we have found out that we have the top paid app on the Android Market with the highest reviews for both our paid and free versions! Hearing this news is of great excitement to everyone at JEFIT and of course should be to all of our users because you all have helped us achieve this goal and we can’t thank you all enough. Without you all, we would be nothing and our users and fan base make JEFIT what it is today, so from everyone here at JEFIT we would like to thank all of users for their support and for making JEFIT the #1 Paid App on the Android Market, https://market.android.com/apps/HEALTH_AND_FITNESS. Check it out for yourself and for those who haven’t had the chance to drop a review or rate our product, please do because your feedback and criticism means the world to us, your suggestions and feedback help make our program better and offer us new tips to improve the program. More improvements means a better and overall an app full of functions that everyone will want to use, a near perfect JEFIT Android App so please rate if you haven’t, we greatly appreciate it!

We also would like to thank the many companies that have supported us with reviews of our product so our thank you’s go out to AppJudgement, The Droid Demos, CNET, Appbrain, Hemorrdroids, Best Android Apps Review, AndroidTapp,  and Appyhours. If we haven’t mentioned anybody else or missed others we apologize but thank you as well in advance and request that JEFIT be reviewed by your favorite development sites, magazines and programs! We are seeking to get as much publicity as possible to give you the best Workout Application.

Again we would like to thank you all for your support and choosing JEFIT as your workout application to help you maintain your fitness and achieve goals that you have set out. We of course will be keeping you all up to date on the progress of the releasing of the update, the development of the IPhone Application and many other functions and features. Dont forget to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jefit/157889414221740 and Follow us on Twitter at @JefitTechnology.

Stay up to date and keep the progress up! Thank you all again!

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