What is Workout Summary?

Workout summary is the summation of all logged exercises from Session Length to Weight Lifted. It serves as the backbone of a progress chart and if one does not have this, it’ll be difficult to track progress of a newly ended routine.

Newsfeed not Displaying Workout Summary

Often times, when a user skipped an exercise or ends the exercise accidentally, the Workout Summary is often disregarded. Then logs won’t appear on the newsfeed thus friends won’t be able to see them.

We often hear members complaining that the progress is not showing on the newsfeed or due to poor synchronization, they missed it. When in fact they missed sharing their workout summary session to the newsfeed. Perhaps, they are too excited to end their session and miss this? Or that, they didn’t know this feature exist.

At the beginning of performing the workout routine, the app will prompt  to start the workout. Then the End Session button will also remind them that they have the option to prematurely end the workout session. After doing so, know that after each and every workout, summary details will appear by ending it appropriately. The workout summary details can be shared either to the Community or Facebook.

Workout Summary Session Workout Summary Session

How to Correct my Workout Session?

Logs showing on my workout session are incorrect therefore how can I edit my workout summary? We know that workout sessions are flexible thus we have this feature on how to easily edit your logs.

  • Visit the JEFIT website.
  • On the left hand side, find My Logs.
  • You will be taken to the Calendar View and you’ll see the calendar dates which stores all your logs and data.
  • Choose the date that you want to edit, and select edit right at top most of the Session Summary.

Edit  Edit

After completing the edit, you can Save your work and then Synchronize all the changes made to the app. Clicking the Force Synchronization from the web or SYNC button on the app helps.