Reddit Metallicadpa's Beginner PPL

Frequency : 6 days / week
Day Type : Numerical
Type : General Fitness
Difficulty : Beginner

Tags : Beginner, PPL, Linear Progression, Reddit, Metallicadpa, Push, Pull, Legs, Split


A Linear Progression Based PPL Program for Beginners

Designed by Reddit User: Metallicadpa

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Workout Notes
On the last set of the main compound lifts (listed below), perform as many reps as possible (AMRAP). AMRAP sets in the Workout Routine appear as a separate lift without the rep number listed. At least 5 reps should be performed on the AMRAP set.

DO NOT perform AMRAP on bench and overhead press on the same day!

On push days, super set the tricep pushdown and overhead extensions with lateral raises.

Compound Lifts
Bench press
Barbell row
Overhead press

Pull ups can be substituted with pulldowns or chinups
See Reddit thread for additional substitutions

WW = working weight
Empty bar x10
50% WW x10
75% WW x5
90% WW x3