Train Like A Warrior

Frequency : 6 days / week
Day Type : Numerical
Type : General Fitness
Difficulty : Intermediate

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This is a routine designed to help you build/gain clean and lean muscle through high volume training.

The length of performing this routine will last around 1 - 3 months depending on if you follow through with the amount of days you should do as well as keeping up with intensity and your diet.

In this routine you will be training 6 days a week, using major muscle building exercises to stimulate growth and high reps to help burn calories for a defined/cut look.

On Mondays and Thursdays you will be targeting the leg muscle and performing such exercises like the barbell squat, barbell deadlift to strengthen the thighs and calf workouts to increase size.

For Tuesdays the main focus will be strengthening the shoulders.

Wednesdays will be used to work the chest and back as well as Saturdays.

Fridays are designated to work the arms, biceps and triceps, through various push, pull and isolation exercises.

Cardio is performed at the end of each routine to increase the amount of calories burned for the overall workout. This will help you attain that ripped look that you desire.

***************** Notes *********************

Diet is key for any routine that is meant to lean out the stomach and waistline. It is important to eat clean foods (i.e lean chicken, vegetables, fruits, and high fiber foods) and stay clean of heavy carbohydrates that will sit in your stomach thus storing as fat.

If you need extra time to rest in between each set you may add more time as long as you aren't going above 2 minute rest periods.

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