6 Week Cutting Routine*

Frequency : 6 days / week
Day Type : Numerical
Type : General Fitness
Difficulty : Intermediate

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This routine is designed to cut fat while maintaining muscle mass.

Exercises should be performed using 90%-95% of your RM for each exercise for the appropriate rep range.


1RM = 192
4RM = 169 (90%-95%) = 152-160
10RM = 144 (90%-95%) = 130-137

As much as possible, try to keep rests short. The lighter weight should enable you to rest for less time. If you cannot keep your rest periods under a minute, adjust your weights closer to 90%.

This workout MUST be paired with a nutrition plan designed to cut. Here is my recommendation.

1) Eat intermittently, ideally within a 6-8 hour window.
2) Calculate LBM
3) Use your favorite IIFYM calculator to determine your macros and your target caloric intake with a 20% cut.
4) Adjust protein intake to 1-1.1 gram per pound of LBM
5) If you fail and/or cheat, calculate your calories anyway and adjust them out of the remainder of the week to make sure your weekly average matches your macros. If you plan to cheat you can even take calories out the day before.


Target Calories: 2300
Monday: 2300
Tuesday: 1800
Wednesday: 4000
Thursday: 1900
Friday: 1900
Saturday: 1900
Sunday: 2300

Don't forget to stay out of the gym on day 7, drink plenty of water, and get 7-10 hours of sleep every night.

Good luck!

Day 7
Exercise Name
30 min

30 min