Easily track your workouts and progress with the Jefit Workout Application
Our goal was to make recording your workouts and logs on the Android simple.
Create routines, largest exercise database, view progress, manage your stats, and synchronize your data
Share your stats with your friends and stay motivated with your workouts!
Manage and Download
Utilizing Jefit's extensive exercise database with over 1300 exercises, create a personalized workout routine of your own to follow and see results.
Create and manage your own personal workout routines
You can download Jefit Team workout routines to get you started on your fitness goals
Largest Exercise Database with over 1300+ exercises, details and animations to track and create routines
Easily Record
Workout Logs
No longer do you need a pen and paper to keep track of your logs or record your reps and sets. Jefit offers features that make working out as easy as possible; helping you stay motivated and focused
Quickly enter in Weight, Reps and manage sets to record your workout data and view last logs
With the resting timer feature, Jefit will count down until your next set keeping you on track with your workout
Set a goal for every exercise and follow your progress
Logs and Progress
Simplistic and easy way for you to track your workout progress and body changes. Log your activities on your smartphone and synchronize into your online account.
See how well you are improving by viewing body stat and exercise progression
Up to date progress and goal charts to see your improvements
Look back at logs that you have recorded for all exercises, body stats and notes
Jefit synchronizes all of your data from the server to your online account, iPhone and Android apps
Help From
Your Friends
Looking for a bit of extra motivation? Connect with your friends and other members on; where you can receive feedback, tips, support, share and compare stats to stay focused on your goals
Share and post updates on how you are feeling, how your workout just went, workout routines and more
Find and add friends to compete, challenge, share progress and compare stats
View your messages, reply to comments and communicate with your friends via private messages
Workout Summary
Wanted to know how long you performed your workout or view a summary of your day's progress? Get a detailed summary of how your workout just went after your days worth of training
View your workout summary at the completion of your routine
Detailed stats for how long you worked out, used JEFIT, exercises performed and more
Motivate yourself to push past previous records
By completing your daily workouts, JEFIT will produce a training report based upon the logs recorded; which help you stay motivated and focused towards your fitness goals
On the training snapshot page, track your total weight lifted from previous workouts
Gauge your muscle strength and endurance based upon your age, weight and last month of training
View the breakdown and percentage of muscle groups trained during your last 2 weeks worth of workouts.