Get Rid Of That Muffin Top

Workout Name : Get Rid Of That Muffin Top

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Frequency : 3 days / week
Day Type : Day of the Week
Type : Cutting
Difficulty : Intermediate
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As the summer season starts to roll in and people perform cutting routines, there is a desire to lose that muffin top (extra fat around the waist line).

This routine is a cutting routine that is focused around performing abdominal, leg, back and cardio exercises to help tighten and lean out the waistline for the summer.

With this routine you will be performing it 3 times a week to properly train and increase calorie burning throughout the body.

Since this is a cutting routine you will focus on the amount of reps that you to increase your metabolic and heart rate thus enhancing caloric burning in the body.

For any cutting routine it is important to perform at least 40 minutes of cardio to stimulate the body into burning any fat storages.

*** Note :

Diet is key for any routine that is meant to lean out the stomach and waistline. It is important to eat clean foods (i.e lean chicken, vegetables, fruits, and high fiber foods) and stay clean of heavy carbohydrates that will sit in your stomach thus storing as fat.

You can add in some warm-up sets into each workout to loosen up your abdominal muscles.

If these exercises do not suit your need, you can substitute other abdominal workouts into this routine.

ANY Workout
Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets Track


Walking Walking 5 min - - Progress Chart


Air Bike Air Bike 45 sec 16 3 Progress Chart


Reverse Crunch Reverse Crunch 45 sec 16 3 Progress Chart


Jackknife Sit-up Jackknife Sit-up 45 sec 16 3 Progress Chart


Side Bend Side Bend 45 sec 14 3 Progress Chart


Seated Barbell Twist Seated Barbell Twist 45 sec 14 3 Progress Chart


Plank Plank 45 sec - 3 Progress Chart


Back Extensions - Hyperextensions Back Extensions - Hyperextensions 45 sec 14 3 Progress Chart

Upper Legs

Bodyweight Walking Lunge Bodyweight Walking Lunge 45 sec 14 3 Progress Chart


Elliptical Training Elliptical Training 45 min - - Progress Chart