Building Your Spartan Body

Workout Name : Building Your Spartan Body

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Frequency : 3 days / week
Day Type : Day of the Week
Type : Cutting
Difficulty : Advanced
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This is a workout based upon the famous "300" workout/movie, where an individual will performed the listed exercises in giant-set fashion to build a ripped and lean physique.

A giant-set is a workout where an individual will perform one exercise right after the next with little to ne rest in between each exercise.

For this routine it is important to complete all of the reps listed for each exercise, if you aren't able to complete all of the reps in one set, you can take a quick rest and then complete the rest of the reps.

*** Note

Diet is key for any routine that is meant to lean out the stomach and waistline. It is important to eat clean foods (i.e lean chicken, vegetables, fruits, and high fiber foods) and stay clean of heavy carbohydrates that will sit in your stomach thus storing as fat.

This routine is not meant to be performed every single day, either 2 to 3 times out of the week as it requires a high demand on your muscles and you can injure yourself.

You can add this routine in replace of any exercise day within the current routine that you are using to mix up your current workout.

As this is an advanced routine, it is important that you are able to perform the exercises and the reps set, if you aren't able to do what is required, it isn't recommended that you perform this routine.

Make sure that you are performing each exercise within the routine with proper form to prevent any injury.

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Muscle Exercise Name Timer Reps Sets Track


Pull Ups Pull Ups 15 sec 30 1 Progress Chart


Barbell Deadlift Barbell Deadlift 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart


Push Up Push Up 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart

Upper Legs

Box Jump Multiple Response Box Jump Multiple Response 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart


Clean and Jerk Clean and Jerk 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart


Abdominal Pendulum Abdominal Pendulum 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart


Air Bike Air Bike 15 sec 50 1 Progress Chart


Pull Ups Pull Ups 15 sec 25 1 Progress Chart