Double Iron Points on Referrals This National Fitness Month

May is National Fitness and Sports month, and to celebrate we’re giving away double iron points on referrals. Through the end of the month we will be rewarding users with 3200 iron points (8 weeks of Elite!) for each friend they recruit that also becomes active on JEFIT. To become an “active user” your new recruit will need to consistently workout for 2 weeks straight (minimum 3 workouts each week). On top of double iron points, you’ll also be able to see your friend’s workouts in app, pushing both of you to workout harder and compete. Recruit your friends to start building healthy habits or to start logging their workouts and maximizing their gains.

Follow this guide on how to invite friends on iOS or Android and start earning iron points today. After earning iron points turn them into Elite membership at 400 points per week and enjoy our paid service for free! Follow the steps below to find out how to turn your iron points into Elite membership.

  • Navigate to the profile tab and then tap on your iron points.
  • Tap redeem in the Top right corner
  • Choose how many weeks worth of points you would like to redeem.
  • Note: You have a total number of iron points and “Consumable Points”. Only consumable points can be redeemed for Elite membership.
  • Tap the redeem button below where you entered your number of weeks.

Join the Jefit Group Exercise Contest Launching in October

The Jefit team is happy to announce the start of the second group exercise contest beginning in October. Groups can have up to five participants and earn points together for Jefit awards. Get your team together, there is still time to join, you have up until November 30, 2021. Winners of the group contest will earn the following:

  • Top three groups earn one-year of Elite membership and 12,000 consumable iron points.
  • 4th – 10th place finishers receive 6-months of Elite and 6,000 consumable iron points.

Sign Up for Jefit’s Group Exercise Contest Now!

Results From the First Group Exercise Contest

Members recently completed the first Jefit group exercise contest on both iOS and Android platforms. Each group, made up of three to five members, worked out together virtually using the Jefit app. The group contest took place over a three month period. In the end, the team earning the most iron points won. The winners of the first group exercise contest, using the Jefit app, included five men. The Jefit usernames from the winning team are mentioned below. Congratulations to each one of you!

  • j4last
  • River_West
  • RobRK
  • dwideman
  • JeremyMcJunkin

This group of five scored between 8,029 and 17,111 total iron points each when all was said and done. There overall total was an impressive 61,590 iron points. The individual with the most overall iron points, however, was BereniceG, on the third place team, with a great overall score of 21,111 points – terrific job! Below are some comments from a few question that we asked the winning team via Jefit’s first group exercise contest. We thought they were very insightful and wanted to share with our community. Good luck in the next individual or group contest that you choose to participate in!

Jefit Group Contest

Rather than give you a bunch of reasons why you should participate in one of the Jefit group or individual contests, instead, here are a few comments from some of the winners from the first group contest.

What did you like about the group exercise contest?

  • “I knew that consistency and engagement was super important for the contests.”
  • “I like competition in general so it sort of gave me something to look forward to beyond my normal workouts.”
  • “It seemed that the contest rewarded behavior we were all engaging in already so sticking to that was easy.”

 Was the group exercise contest motivating?

  • “having teammates kept me more accountable.”
  • “I can’t say that it was. Not because I don’t care, but l have external motivators that have a deeper meaning to me than the contest. It was really more of something for fun that I was invited to so I wanted to take the opportunity to maybe make some friends and compete in something.” 
  • I think the reason our group meshed well was because we’re all consistent in general as well as having members who are really active with community engagement.
  • “What I do find motivating is the social aspect of Jefit. Seeing other peoples workouts, commenting on them and receiving comments from others.”

Did it help your training for those 3 months?

  • “I didn’t want to let my teammates down. It got me up and to the gym more than once.”

Take advantage of both the group exercise and individual contests alike on the Jefit app. It’s a great way to change things up a bit, earn a bunch of iron points and receive Elite for a period of time. Stay strong with Jefit!

Use the Award-Winning Jefit App Now!

Jefit app was named best app for 2020 and 2021 by PC Magazine, Men’s Health, The Manual and the Greatist. The app comes equipped with a customizable workout planner and training log. The app has the ability to track data, offer audio cues, and features to share workouts with friends. Take advantage of Jefit’s exercise database for your strength workouts. Visit our members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Try one of the new interval-based workouts and add it to your weekly training schedule. Stay strong with Jefit as you live your sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Helpful Tips You Need to Know About Jefit Iron Points

The Jefit app offers members an opportunity to continually earn iron points for logging workout data, sharing items in the community and much more. Many Jefit users have said that iron points are a great motivational tool that helps them workout more consistently. One of the many great things about Jefit iron points is having the flexibility to cash them in for an upgrade to Jefit Elite.

The award-winning app has more than 10 million downloads currently on iTunes with a growing database of new users every day. Here are a few tips that spotlight the value behind Jefit iron points.

Helpful Tips About Jefit Iron Points

Jefit points are “consumable.” Did you know there are a few ways to get a free upgrade to Elite? First, each time you earn 400 iron points, you’ll have the option to “cash in” those points for a free week of Elite. Nice! See the second way to get that upgrade to Elite further below in the article.

You have a maximum of 20 times a month where you can earn iron points for a valid workout session. The minimum length of time for a workout is currently set at 20-minutes. Note, there has been some discussion about lowering this time a bit because of shorter home workouts. We’ll keep you posted on that. Be sure to always…always…share your logs to the community. Sharing it means synchronizing the data to the web server thus earning valid points.

Here is another tip for you, the best way to maximize Jefit iron points is to consistently train and track your progress. Simple as that! Persistence definitely pays off here in the long run. Remember, train and log it. Jefit will handle the rest.

The majority of people use the Jefit app to log, plan and track strength workouts. But don’t forget about doing cardio exercise and getting iron points for your time. You can earn 20 iron points for a minimum of 20-minutes of any type of cardio. Don’t miss out!

Also, engaging in and around the Jefit community is another easy way to earn iron points. Many members like to provide tips and advice regarding their friends workouts. The good news here? You earn more iron points for doing so.

Finally, millions of members use and love the Jefit app. By simply letting your family and friends know how great the app is could lead to a savings for you. When a friend eventually becomes an active user, for two weeks or longer, you guessed it, another free month of Elite comes your way!

One Thing to Watch Out For

Avoid working out twice in a 24 hour time frame. For example, your first workout starts at 9 am and then a second at 9 pm. There’s a built-in cooling period. It also keeps someone from point “stuffing” by entering bogus workouts one after the other in order to increase iron points.

Valid Scoring For Workouts Look Like This:

Finished a valid workout session, you receive 20 points!

Complete 2 workout sessions within 4 days, 5 points.
Finished 3 workout sessions within 6 days, 5 points.
Complete 4 workout sessions within 8 days, 10 points.

You Earn Iron Points for Individual & Group Contest and Now Assessments Too!

If you place well in a Jefit individual and group contest you can earn iron points. The top three groups to finish the current group contest (October-December 2021) will earn 19,600 iron points for a year of Elite.

There is also a new Jefit assessment feature found under the profile tab on both platforms. The first time you take the three exercise assessment (push-up/wall squat/plank) you’ll earn iron points as well.

Workout with Jefit

Take advantage of Jefit’s 1400 exercise database in your workouts. Jefit is a fitness app that comes equipped with a customizable workout planner, training log, and ability to track data. There is also a members-only Facebook group. Connect with like-minded people, share tips, and advice to help get closer to reaching your fitness goals. Stay strong with Jefit.

How To Use Jefit App To Change The Way You Look

Out with the old and in with the new, a new body that is. Nothing like the start of the New Year to get someone excited about the possibilities of looking and feeling better than 2020. A strong body and a healthy immune system are at the top of everyones list for 2021. Especially with the pandemic still in full swing. This article takes a look at how to use Jefit app to improve the way you look and feel for the new year. A year that will be important, more than ever, to stay strong physically and mentally.

Another Success Story Using Jefit App

It takes a great deal of focus and dedication to actually change the way someone looks and feels. Many have been making this happen, though, with the help of the Jefit app, like Steven Duckwiler who was previously featured by Jefit, found here. Most recently, we have Kent Koehler, another Jefit member, who also has made significant strides in changing his body. Congratulation Kent!

What Members Like About Jefit?

Kent Koehler has been using the Jefit app to help him plan and track his workouts since 2014. Kent mentioned, that he used the Jefit app on and off for about 3 years. He never realized the full potential of the apps ability. By January 2017, he started “leaning on Jefit heavily” each day. “Haven’t stopped since. Used daily and is a powerful daily tool in this journey”. 

We asked Kent what he liked specifically about using the Jefit app. He stated that what he really loved was the “the versatility” of the app. He went on to say he liked: “Routines, logging, history and the ability to focus on a bulking, cutting, HIIT. History helps you see the change and realize the progress. The exercise log is wealthy. When an exercise is not there, it can easily be created. You can make an exercise, link to where you found it, and log notes to makes it as complete as it can get personally. 

Jefit Contests

“The contest are good. Motivation at every corner. The contests pushes you to earn and not skip. Consistently earning Jefit iron points benefits me by access and more importantly my goals. The social aspect is fun. The people on here have a common goal to improve their life. Earning better health and looks. So 99 percent are on here to learn, share, and ‘lift’ others up. Solid good motivation. Sometimes you get a comment that can make your day. Other times I am commenting to praise someone without the pressure of trying to creep or hook up. Good, solid support for one another with the right intentions. Feels good to compliment hard work and dedication. Sometimes a compliment is needed and reassurance for someone working hard”. 

What a Typical Week Looks Like for Kent

I stepped into the gym (in 2016) and have not stopped since. Nutrition, exercise, body building has been every day. Few misses, but it is rare and only when I’m exhausted that day.  I workout 7 days a week 99 percent of the time. Some times twice. I do separate body parts on various days and allow rest. Typically, I move between bulking, cutting, and other routines on the app. 

Usually I follow a program 4 to 6 weeks. My goal is to hit cardio, core, and strength each visit to the gym. For a long time I made myself earn my weights with cardio goals first to burn fat. I also focus on heavy training on core, every day. Makes all the difference. My goal is building a better body all together. I now take nothing other than a multivitamin, glucosamine for joint health, and fish oil. I am no longer taking any medications!

Thoughts on Nutrition

What is a typical diet like? Pretty controlled. I stick with my macro goals. Pretty strict through the week. Little relaxed on the weekend. Make sure I stay within range of daily calories. 

To date Kent has lost more than 95 pounds. Amazing job Kent and we here at Jefit wish you continued success and a healthy 2021.

Jefit is a workout app, for both home and the gym, that will keep you on track with your fitness goals. It has the largest exercise library complete with free workout routines to help mix up your training. It also gives you the ability to update and share your workout log with the community. With Jefit on your phone, you will be hitting your fitness goals in no time at all. Stay strong with Jefit!