Join Jefit Inc on Google+ Hangout

Join us for our Office Hours where we will discuss what we do, our future plans, and why we love the #DigitalHealth industry.

The event will be hosted at 2pm Eastern Standard Time US as we will start a Google Hangout Video Chat where you can send in your questions and interact with our development team and staff here at Jefit Inc.

Please leave your questions on this Event page and we will do our best to answer all!

Google+ Hangout Event

Thank you all for your support and please leave us your questions and interact with the Jefit Development Team!

– Jefit Inc.

Member’s Public Profile Pages Back Up!

Hello All,

We just wanted to inform you that all of the Public Profiles are back up and running to match the current layout of the My-Jefit Profile Pages.

For example, view the profile of one of our regular users , Gregger and more









You are able to once again, view your friend’s workouts, stats, news feed update, send them a message and much more!

We thank you all for your support, patience and your usage of Jefit!

-Jefit Development Team

30,000 Facebook Likes and Update Notes!

Hello All,

We have just reached 30,000 likes!

Thank you all for your support and usage of Jefit! We truly appreciate it!

Right now we are currently working on the next Android Update and redesigning Public Profile pages to match the revamped My-Jefit Profile Pages.

If you are looking to get more out of your My-Jefit profile pages and more active new feed, add these active Jefit Members










Share your username and profile page here on our Facebook page so other members can find you, add you as a friend and offer up support for your fitness goals!

Thank you all again for your support!

– Jefit Development Team

Give Us Your Feedback on New Profile Pages!

Hello All,

This week has been huge for Jefit with the recent release of our brand new revamped My-Jefit Profile Pages!

We have had a surge of users log into their personal profile pages, start putting up some statuses, recording body stats and training logs, sharing routines and managing their personal goals.

Our question to you all is, what do you think of the new layout?! Do you like the new changes and features that have been made? Is there something that you would like to see integrated into the new profile pages?

Share with us your feedback, suggestions or just give us a review on what you think about the brand new My-Jefit Profile Pages!

We thank you all for your support and usage of Jefit!

– Jefit Development Team

Jefit Website – My-Jefit Page Update Released!

Hello All,

We wanted to inform you all that the servers are back up!

We also have released the revamped and redesigned My-Jefit Profile Pages!

As our Android and iPhone applications have gotten redesigns earlier this year, it was necessary for us to take the time to revamp the Jefit Website and Profile Pages.

The My-Jefit Profile Pages are the most viewed and useful tools on the website and it was crucial for us to take it up a notch when giving our pages an overhaul. Now our pages have a fresh, fun, motivational and provide better user experience just as that within our applications.

BRAND NEW- News Feed Tab

These pages include a brand new “News Feed” page where you can view what other Jefit Members are doing with their workouts or their statuses.

Users can post summary updates about their body stats, body stat goals, any goals they they have accomplished or detailed information about workout routines that are shared to the Jefit Routine Database.

To view these status updates and postings by users, you will have to add friends to your personal page. The only posts that you will see at the moment will be your own until you add more users as your friends. Your privacy settings on your profile will also limit the amount of information that is shared on the news feed hub with other Jefit Members.

These functionalities working alongside the Jefit Workout Application so that any time that you make an update to your body stats, set body stat goals or upload a new progress picture, it will post your latest update to your news feed hub.

Setting Body Stat Goal

Setting Body Stat Goal

Updating Body Stats

Updating Body Stats

Workout Routine Shared

Workout Routine Shared

Achieving Body Stat Goal

Achieving Body Goal

Body Stats Tab

There is also a revamped “Body Stats” page that will allow users to see detailed information about their current weight, lean body mass, body fat mass and body stat progress with up-to-date goal bars to show you how well you are progressing with your goals.

As you update your body stats, the goal bars will change to show how well you are progress with percentage to your goals.

Once updating your body stats, this will share a post on the news feed to help keep you motivated and on track with your goals.

Training Logs Tab

The “Training Logs” page has been added in to allow users to see the current workout routine that they are using as well as their current progress and goals for their benchmark exercises.

With each time a benchmark exercise has been tracked through the application and data synchronized, this will automatically make changes with your training stats tab. The goals bar on the page will update along with the data that is recorded.

Progress Photos

On the progress photos tab you are able to view all of the progress photos you have uploaded, any progress photo albums that you have created as well as the brand new feature of “Before VS Now”.

Users are able to see their progress from the first time that they have uploaded a progress picture and updated their stats compared to their current progress picture and stats.

This allows you to see how well you are doing with your training and stay motivated with your workouts!

We hope that everyone enjoys these brand new updates and major changes to the My-Jefit Profile Pages.

Thank you all for your support and we appreciate your usage of Jefit!

– Jefit Development Team

Servers Will Be Down Saturday for Major Website Update!

Hello All,

We wanted to inform you that the Jefit Servers will be down on Saturday May 18th, 2013 as we will be updating the Jefit Website, making major changes to our database and uploading the redesign of our My-Jefit Profile Pages.

These redesigns have been in progress for quite some time which will include a new UI, layout, social media features, comment, status updates, tracking goals and progress, and more.

It is necessary for us to shut down the servers for a period of time as they will be updating, back-up user’s data, and integrating all of the changes that we are introducing into our files.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause for our members who will be trying to synchronize on Saturday.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support

– Jefit Development Team

Jefit iPhone / iOS Version 7.21 Update

Hello All,

We have released a quick bug fix update for the Jefit iPhone and iOS Applications (both Free and Pro)

Whats New in Version 7.21

1.) Bug Fix – Chart display bug on Body Stats page fixed

2.) Bug Fix – UI Bug on the Preferences Page

3.) Other minor bugs and issues fixed

As stated we are currently in development and redesign of the Jefit Website as we speak for the My-Jefit Pages which we are hoping to have out very soon. This is a major step forward for our applications and website and we cannot wait to release this major redesign.

After which we will then turn back to our applications to introduce more features/functions as well as fix any bugs.

We appreciate your usage and continued support of Jefit!

Thank you all again!

– Jefit Development Team

JEFIT iPhone/iOS Update Released!

Hello All,

We are pleased to announce that we have released the latest update to the JEFIT iPhone/iOS Free and Pro Applications, version 7.2. This update contains a major overhaul to the app with a redesigned UI, improved user experience, changes to exercise images, brand new built-in routines in the NEW routine download section and much more!

Whats Available in the Latest Update

Redesigned and Cleaner UI – We have made major UI changes. With these UI changes, you will notice that Jefit looks much cleaner and organized with the content of the application, fluidity between the pages and overall runs smoother.

Improved User Experience – With the changes to the UI comes an overall improved user experience, with the use of more icons and symbols for a universal understanding of what certain buttons do and perform for the application. The pages become less clumped with text, thus making it much easier to navigate through pages and use the application.

One place you will notice this improved user experience is when you are setting goals for your body stats. For example if your current weight is 200lbs and you set a goal weight of 185lbs, the goal bar will change to red as this is a sign that you are over your goal weight and that you will want to push to achieve your goal. This is one of our steps forward to motivate users further into committing to their goals and their workout routines.

Added Routine Download Functionality with 50+ Built-In JefitTeam Created Routines – Now users are able to download JefitTeam created workouts off of the routine database with the new routine download functionality. This feature is available off of the main routine page, you will notice a button that states “Manage/Download Routines”, you will then click this button and notice two tabs on the top that state “Routine Manager” and “Download More…”, by clicking Download More you will be able to see all of the routines created by the Jefit Development Team.

Fixed, Improved and added Additional Exercise Images – It is necessary for all Jefit users to update their exercise images from the “Preferences” page as we have made changes to many of the exercise images; cleaning them up, adding in new steps for certain exercises and taking new images. We appreciate your support and patience as we make these exercise images as clean and clear as possible for your usage with our application.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements – We have also made various bug changes and performance enhancements to make the overall usage of JEFIT Free a much easier, enjoyable and fluid experience.

What is Next?

Jefit Website and the My-Jefit Page Overhauls (BRAND NEW FEATURES!) – We will be following up the release of this update with the release of changes to the JEFIT Website that have been in development and work for quite some time.

New Features for Applications – After the updates and changes have been made we will turn our focus to the Applications once again for NEW features and functionalities to continue to improve our product for you all!

Thank you all again for your support and your continued usage of the JEFIT Workout Application and Website.

Stay tuned for more details and features that we roll out for your usage!

Thank You All!

– Jefit Development Team

Jefit Website Changes

Hello All,

We wanted to inform you all that we have made various changes to the Jefit Website.

Notification System – Our new notification system can be noticed in the top right hand corner of the page symbolized by the “Text Box”. When a user either receives a comment on their My-Jefit Profile Page, Picture Comment, Private Message or Friend request, you will get a notification on the upper right panel to let you know there has been interaction with your Jefit Profile.

Friend Search/Adding Friends System – We have made searching and adding friends much easier now with our new Friend Search and Adding functionality. On the top right hand corner of the header you will notice the profile symbol which represents the new Friend Search function. By clicking on this button you will be taken to the friends page where you can view all of your current friends, any incoming friend requests you might have or search for any of your friends who are currently using Jefit through their username.

New Forum Layout – We have changed up the layout of the Jefit Forums, , with a much cleaner layout. This helps with the cluttered feeling that the forums previously had and allows for more organized layout. You can also view the latest forum threads/posts and group posts/topics through the tab that is located on the right side of the page.

New Twitter Handle – Lastly we have changed our twitter handle from @JefitTechnology to @JefitInc to focus more upon our company and identification.

We are still awaiting confirmation of the review of Jefit Pro for the iPhone/iOS devices. As soon as we receive our confirmation email from the App Store, we will release the updates for both Jefit Pro and Jefit Free for the iOS/iPhone Devices. We apologize for the inconvenience and time it has taken to get this approved.

– Jefit Development Team

New Routines Added into the Routine Database!

Hello All,

We have been updating our Routine Database with even more JefitTeam created routines that you may download from either your Android Phones/Application (soon the iPhone/iOS App) and the Jefit Website.

Such routines that we have created for our members are :








We will continuously be adding in new routines every month and have routines that match the seasons that are at hand (i.e Cutting / Summer season, sports season, etc…)

The routine download functionality will be added into the next iPhone/iOS update that we are currently working on as we speak.

We all ask that you share your feedback for these routines or even what you would like to see within our routine database!

Thank you all again for your support and your usage of the Jefit Workout Applications and the Jefit Website!

– Jefit Team

Jefit Android Free and Pro Update

Hello All,

We have released a bug fix update for the Android Free and Pro Applications due to some issues from the last release that users were experiencing.

Bug Fix List

1 .) Bug-Fixed : White font (Box) on white button bug in Motorola Defy device

2.) Bug-Fixed : Random crash on chart viewing page.

3.) Improved : Reduced memory footprint. Fixed crash due to low memory issue.

4.) Improved : Minor UI changes. Lock few screen rotation for pre-honeycomb devices. (Note) Go back to previous page to change between portrait and landscape mode.

5.) New Feature : Simple pop-up tutorial guide for new users.

6.) Bug-Fixed : Fixed “BEAT IT” function on exercise recording page.

What Is Next

We have been working on the latest update for the iPhone/iOS Application but now our main focus turns towards improving and updating our iOS Applications.

Again thank you all for your support and your usage of the Jefit Workout Application and the Jefit Website!

– Jefit Development Team

Android Free and Pro Bug Fix Update 5.0303

Hello All,

We have released a bug fix update for the JEFIT Free and Pro Android Applications that will fix some bugs from the recent overhaul updates that we released last week.

    Bug Fix Update Includes

1.) Bug-Fixed: Crash on exercise recording page while under landscape mode.
2.) Bug-Fixed: Random crash while downloading exercise images.
3.) Bug-Fixed: Repeating sync when change screen orientation.
4.) Bug-Fixed: Random crash on log viewing page.
5.) Bug-Fixed: Random crash on chart viewing page.

Thank you very much for your support and appreciate the positive feedback that we have been receiving for these past updates!

– JEFIT Development Team