Jefit Data Incident Public Announcement

Dear Jefit user,

We are releasing a public announcement about a cyber-incident that may have exposed some of your Jefit account information (No financial data involved). If your Jefit account was registered before September 20th, 2020, your account might be impacted by this incident. We are also sending direct emails to users whose account might be impacted by this incident. We take the protection and proper use of your information very seriously, and inform you now to explain what happened and the steps that you can take to protect your email address and Jefit account.

What happened?

Recently, we became aware of this data incident from a few user reports and immediately investigated. Soon after we discovered the data breach due to a security bug and took a series of actions to make sure our system is safe and to further protect your account.

Upon discovering this breach, we took immediate action to secure our servers and the impacted accounts. We also began an investigation to understand the scope of the incident. We were able to identify the root cause of the data incident and confirmed that other Jefit systems were unaffected, and contacted law enforcement.

At this time, there is no sensitive financial data involved since we never stored customer’s payment information. All the payment process was directly handled by Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or directly processed by the payment gateway company when customers purchase products on our website. Nevertheless, we are providing this notice out of an abundance of caution because some other part of your account-related data was potentially accessed by the perpetrator of the cyber-incident.

What type of information was involved?

The account realated data that the perpetrator gained access to some or possibly all of the following:

  • Jefit account username.
  • Email address (associated with the account).
  • Encrypted password (hashed with unique salt to each account).
  • IP address when creating the account.

Please note that not every account has an IP address associated with it. We only keep IP addresses for anti-bot and abusive account registration purposes.

What we are doing to prevent any future breach of data?

Upon discovery of the cyber attack, we immediately secured the servers and patched the bug. We also conducted a forensic investigation to confirm that no other systems were impacted. We have taken security measures to strengthen our network against similar incidents in the future. We are also adopting a much stronger password policy on our product to further protect user’s accounts in the future.

What can you do?

We want to make sure you are aware of steps you may take to guard against potential phishing email attacks or other forms of fraud. Although all the passwords have been  encrypted before saving to our system, we encourage existing users to change their Jefit passwords to more secure format / combination. We take the privacy and security of your information seriously, and sincerely regret any concerns or inconvenience that the incident may have caused you. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us via


Ying Lin, CEO

March 19th, 2021

Scheduled Server Maintenance on Friday

server maintenance in server room

We will be performing scheduled server maintenance at 12 AM EDT. Friday (December 10, 2020). The maintenance period will last between 3 and 4 hours. During this period, all server related modules won’t be available. Unavailable features including, but not limit to account creation, login, community newsfeeds, etc.

For users who have previously logged in, they should still be able to use certain features in offline mode during the server maintenance. The following modules are available in offline mode: log tracking, routine management and view log history.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thanks for your continued support.

Meanwhile, you may visit our blog for any feature updates.

Jefit Team.

server maintenance in server room

Schedule Server Maintenance on Saturday

server maintenance in server room

We will be performing scheduled server maintenance at 1AM EDT. Saturday (October 17, 2020). The maintenance period will last between 2 and 3 hours. During this period, all server related modules won’t be available, such as account creation, login, community newsfeeds, etc, However, for users who have previously logged in, they might still be able to use certain features in offline mode, include tracking, manage routine locally, view logs, etc.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thanks for your continued support.

Jefit Team.

server maintenance in server room

Workout tracker v9.9 tips & guide

Please note: although this post was written for JEFIT workout tracker iOS version, it applies to Android version as well. We have already implemented the similar design for our Android version a while back.

We recently released a major iOS update focused on improving the user experience, especially toward the workout data tracking component. Some of you might find it a bit different than the previous version. We hope this guide will help you better understand the benefits of this new design and how things work differently now.

1. Cleaner & Simpler workout tracker without losing any functionality.

workout tracker demo
workout tracker demo

It might look like the last workout logs section is missing, but it is still there. The placeholders (text in gray) of text fields are your Logs from the Previous training session. If this was your very first session for the exercise, we will use a default value for the weight, and planned (target) value for your REP). As soon as you enter the weight/rep and recorded for your very first set, we will load them to your second set.


2. Easier to modify logs / correct data entry mistakes.

Compare to the previous version,  you no longer need to go to a separate screen (log history) for making data entry changes.


3. Easier to adjust set count permanently (or temporarily).

In this version, you no longer need to go back out to the planned exercise list page to adjust the set count.


4. Easier to navigate between exercises

Navigating between exercises can now be as easy as a single swipe or single click on the exercise name. You can use this feature to make changes during rest time much easier.


5. Better experience on continuing unfinished sets.

When you back out to the planned exercise list screen and back into the workout tracker screen, we will auto fill the data for your finished sets. If you need to start from set 1, you can simply edit the preloaded data.


6. Much Better experience on Super-set exercises.

Super-set data editing has been a long time issue in our previous version, it used to be a nightmare when you try to edit super-set logs, especially when you back out to the planned exercise list page while only partial of a super-set exercises were recorded, it was very difficult to continue the unfinished super-set, you almost had to start from the beginning of a super-set. There won’t be such problem anymore in current version, you can now easily go back out and back in, and continuou any part of a unfinished superset.


7. More smooth experience on rest timer screen transition.

Our rest-timer won’t stand in your way while you taking break anymore. You can easily minimize the rest timer without cancelling it. This is helpful when you try to adjust the data while taking break, such as correcting data entry mistakes, adjusting set counts, etc.


If you found any bugs or have any suggestions on how we can improve our workout tracker, feel free to send it our support email at


JEFIT team


Heavy Server Loads

We are currently experiencing heavy loads on our servers… we are currently working on this issue.

JEFIT Pro Android 4.2.1010 and Free 3.3.1010

Hello All,

We hope that many of you haven’t succumb’d to the cold weather yet and starting giving up on your workouts or diet plans. The winter time is the worst when it comes to continuing your routines and working out as the temperature change along with daylight savings time can cause a reluctance to get into the gym and work out when you can stay nice and warm inside along with being comfortable.

We wanted to let you all know that we have released an update for the Android Pro and Free Applications, JEFIT Pro Version 4.2.1010 and JEFIT Free 3.3.1010. This update focuses upon the usage of profile picture function that is currently available on the Android Device and transferring the pictures that you take instantly to be either set as your profile picture or avatar on the JEFIT Website. We want our users to get more active on the JEFIT Website with posting up Profile and Progress Pictures to receive feedback from your fellow users and gain that sense of pride and motivation from what you have accomplished already. The other reason as to why we are featuring this as the main focus upon this update is that within the next week to week and a half, we will be introducing the Community Section on the JEFIT Website that will be highlighting our most active users, our most inspirational users and mainly focusing upon you, the JEFIT Users to be the main highlight of the website and the application. The ability to set your profile picture and avatars will be important as you can instantly keep your profile updated with the latest photos without having to turn on your computer to upload what you have taken, with the simple and easy click of a button your profile picture on the website will be instantly changed to highlight your progress.

1.) Added Thumbnails to the Workout Routines – Added thumbnail images of the exercises in your workout routine list, same as the thumbnails that have been added to the exercise database.

2.) Ability to set up Profile Images and Ability to Upload/Download Profile Pictures – JEFIT Members are now able to either upload Progress Pictures to their Profile Picture or Avatar Picture from the JEFIT Workout Application or even download Profile and Avatar Pictures from their JEFIT Online Accounts onto their Android Devices.

We are also going to be planning on revamping our Cardio Tracking System on the Website as well as the iPhone and Android Applications, rolling out some new pages and features on the JEFIT Website and a bunch of other stuff that we are still currently planning out but will have details on in the future.

Also for those who may have missed we have added new features to JEFIT Members Profiles Update and Released the JEFIT iPhone Version 3 Update as well Version 3

Again we would like to thank you all for your support and choosing JEFIT as your workout application to help you maintain your fitness and achieve goals that you have set out. We of course will be keeping you all up to date on the development of the IPhone Application along with many other functions and features.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at and Follow us on Twitter at @JefitTechnology. Also interact on the JEFIT Forums with your fellow JEFIT Members and Users

Stay up to date and keep the progress up! Thank you all again!

JEFIT Pro v4.2.0510 & JEFIT v3.3.0510 release notes

1. (Improved) Turn off auto pop-up soft keyboard on weight/reps recording page. Now it only pop-up the keyboard when you click on the text field.

2. (Fixed ) Synchronization Bugs involving the “Invalid Response Format” errors. This fixes the issue that has plagued many of our users preventing them from being able to synchronize their data and stats with the server.

3. (Fixed) Compatibility Issue on 3.0 with HTC Tablets and other HTC Operating Systems running on this version. Our HTC users are now able to synchronize their data without the JEFIT program force closing.

Note for 3.0 users: If you have trouble viewing exercises. try to export your data and import it back. This should be able to fix the bug.

JEFIT Pro v4.2.0509 – Bug Fixes

1. (Fixed) Reduced memory usage on exercise page. No more FC on exercise page due to low memory error.

2. (Fixed) FC bug on Rest Timer (1RM button).

3. (Fixed) Bug on Preference setting.

JEFIT Pro v4.2.0323 – Redrawn 72 exercise animations, bug fixes

1. Redrawn 72 exercise animations. Added option to remove/install animation data from Preference.

2. (Fixed) Screen rotation bug – repeat synchronizing data every time change screen rotation on main screen.

3. (Fixed) Exercises, routines and logs temporarily disappear on certain pages when the app is resumed from background to foreground.

4. (Fixed) Compatibility issue with Android 3.0 OS.

JEFIT v3.3.0310 – Bug Fixes, Remove Get_Task permission

1. Removed Get_Task Permission – This Get_Task (Retrieve list of running apps) permission was added in last update. It was required by our new ads network SDK. Since many users are complaining about this permission, we decide to remove it and go with our previous ads network, which does not require such permission.

2. (Fixed) Exercises, routines and logs temporarily disappear on certain pages when the app is resumed from background to foreground.

JEFIT Pro v4.2.0301 – Bug Fixes

1. (Bug Fixed) Crash if rotate screen while synchronizing (on main menu only).

2. (Added) Routine download function is available on